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Alphatian Craft: Demonologist

by John Hare

Based off similar stats for the Dracologist

Demonologists have skills which are related to some extra planar creature and gains some generic powers and later can summon several or even become one.

1st Circle

Protection from Demons: Similar to the dracologist skill

2nd Level

Demon Whip: The demonologist summons a demon whip which can attack targets up to 30' away. The whip causes 2d8 pts of damage and causes intense pain in the victim that he must save vs spells or be paralysed for 1d6 rounds. The whip disappears after 5 successful attacks.

Third Eye: Activating this skill causes the demonologist to grow a third eye in the middle of his forehead. This temporarily lowers the users charisma by 3. This skill allows the user to see any demon in their true form within 60'. Any demon created illusions will not be seen by the user (automatically saves). Lasts for 1 round per level. A roll of 01 means that the demonologist sees demons that aren't really there, and friends may appear as demons as well. This failure will last until cured with a heal spell or similar treatment.

Horns: The demonologist sprouts horns from both sides of his head and can be used to attack, causing 2d6 points of damage per attack. However using a head attack prevents any spellcasting. During this time the users charisma is lowered by 4. The horns also provide some protection by improving the users AC by 2. No headgear can be worn when this is used. Lasts for 1 rd/level.

3rd Circle

Summoning: The demonologist can attempt to summon 1-6 minor demons (low HD) which will serve the summoner for 1 day/level.

4th Circle

Power Summons: The demonologist can summon one major demon which will serve the summoner for 1 day/level.

5th Circle

Becoming: The demonologist actual changes into a demon.