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Inherit a Dungeon

by Aoz

Idea Inspired by: The Adventurers' Club and Safari Island- Hunts & Adventure Parks
Gaz4 The Kingdom of Ierendi

Extra resources for The Kingdom of Ierendi on Vaults of Pandius.


A PC's relative [Male: 3rd cousin on Father's side] has been missing for over 20 years and as per his Will left the PC his shares in a Dungeon Venture Tour in The Kingdom of Ierendi. PC share the Ierendi Rock HQ along with manage a hand full of dungeons [filled with insects, slimes and plants].

Example Shares: 20 % [10% each] to a wealthy level fighter (Gastenoo Longblade, F20) and a retired high-level wizard (Simon Saint-Pierre, M28) ; 10% Adventurers' Club; 20% Unknown Parties and the PC share 50%. However, the PC must do all the work and solve problems but from time to time can call on other shareholders for assistance.

When a dungeon is cleaned or cleared out. The Dungeon refills itself in 2d4 days with insects and slimes. The PC may need to enter the dungeon defeat an Intruder.

The Hunt for Gold and Fame

Dungeon exploration is very dangerous, but also surprisingly profitable if you are skilled [Lucky] enough to survive. Some dungeons are big enough business to support a whole town or kingdom. Either brought in by treasure hunters or "adventurers" and in money found or monsters killed by said "adventurers"

Harvesting monster parts are often the foundation of an economy, as most monsters: from plant to slimes to insects have useful body parts that can be processed for weapons, armor, potion-brewing or key components in spells. Some of the Merchant Houses/ Adventure Guild (Club) [Ierendi Rock HQ] that buy these monster parts will buy low and sell high the parts to craftsman from around Mystara.

Unless stated otherwise use a simple 20% XP [depending on damage to monster] equals gold in monster parts. If Monsters total XP is 1000 then 20% equal 200 gold pieces in value. Then Guild sells for increased price to other craftsman or Merchants.

The Adventure Guild (Club)[Ierendi Rock HQ] which provide [limited] room and board for Adventurers, in addition to assisting in services like quests and will provide a map or a native guide to dungeon location for a fee. The Guild [Ierendi Rock HQ] also employs expert Monster Harvesters [Butchers: Natives from local Islands] for a set fee 10% of the Monster parts selling price. Of course, the "Adventure" HQ would also have a Taverns, Training Halls , Item Shops, Armorer and Smith, Medical Facilities (non magic healing), Churches (magic healing & raise dead) and Wizard "Tower" Shops (at least to Identify Magic items).

Resource for quick character stats with basic backgrounds: AC1 - The Shady Dragon Inn


A network of dungeons are being created on a set of small islands and on Safari Island in the Tikka Mountains to boost tourism as authentic dungeon crawls. The shareholders need the PC to manage this multiple level dungeons of plants, traps, goos, and insects [the dungeon can be changed from time to time]: (Interesting the PC will find the Dungeons seem to take care of themselves)

Example for a few smaller islands like:

Adventure Guild [Ierendi Rock HQ ] off coast of Safari Island

Dungeon Monsters:
See Robin's Monster Manual Chapter 3: Lowlife for bug, goo and plant ideas.
For additional ideas see all of Robin's Monster Manuals
Now for the Twists:

Where are all these Bugs, goos, and plants coming from.
A small portal connecting to one of Buglore's [Page 140] worlds.
Why did Buglore make the Portal or Was it someone else??
Codex Immortalis


The PC(s) relative is not "dead" just undead as a Lich. Lich [now called Maze] took longer in Limbo then the Magic User thought it would take. Maze has started researching the path to Immortality and using these dungeons as prototypes. He is also collecting useful information on different "Adventurer" groups' strengths to weaknesses. If given a chance Maze wants to Build a Epic Dungeon that will be able stop even Immortal Beings.


Feel Free to Add Your Ideas.
Inherit a Dungeon