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DOUGLAS NILES (Author of the Quest Triad novels; Creator of the land of Karawenn)

Mr. Douglas Niles,
There has been discussion on the Mystara Message Board about your First Quest Triad novels for the Known World of Mystara.

I was wondering, was there any talk at TSR as to where in Mystara the land of Karawenn is located?

To jog your memory, here's a map of the Mystara : master-outer-world.png

Suggestions include:

* Norwold (on the north shore of one of the bays),
* "Empire of Dorfin IV" (on the north shore of one of the large lakes),
* Thonia (along the southern coast),
* Pelatan (somewhere along the north shore of the large inlet),
* Vulcania (along the southern coast, near the south pole), or
* Zyxl (the eastern edge of the island being Karawenn's "World's End").

Can you help?

Thanks for your question--it's nice to know that those books are still appearing on someone's radar screen!

As far as the location, it was specifically requested that I keep it vague when I was writing the books. There was some talk among TSR management that it would be placed somewhere in Mystara, but I never gave it a specific location, and to the best of my knowledge, nobody else did, either. So if you find a good place for the land, by all means go ahead and put it there!

All the best,

Doug Niles