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Secret of the Dinosaur Graveyard

by Håvard

This an idea for an adventure set in the Hollow World:

A legend says, that when dinosaurs come to the end of their lives, they wander off in search of a special graveyard protected by the Immortal Ka. The legend also says that among the bones of dinosaurs in this graveyard, there are gemstones and precious treasures, placed there by followers of Ka. Although many in the Hollow World have heard the tales of this place, it has remained incredibly difficult to find.

There is in fact a place like this in the Hollow World. And great treasure can be found there. The Children of Ka (see Dragon #318) are Lizardman Druids from the Malpheggi who maintain this graveyard. The reason why it is so difficult to find is because the Spell of Preservation moves it around so that dying dinosaurs may find it. Of course many dinosaurs die as victims of other predators or humans. The graveyard is for those who manage to live long enough to die a natural death.

Questions: The idea is to turn this into an adventure location. Basically a large dungeon formed by the bones of dinosaurs. What creatures and other challenges can face the adventurers once they get to this place? How do they find it in the first place?