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Lord Decimus Ordekis

by Giampaolo Agosta

Ambassador to the Minrothad Guilds, AC 991 - AC 1016 Senator of the Empire, AC 1016 - current

Born AC 953 in Thyatis City


Decimus is a typical Thyatian, short and olive skinned, with black hair and beard, both of which are trimmed short, and are becoming grey with age.
He still shows his military background in his well muscled figure, and is a frequent customer of the best thermes and training grounds of the imperial capitol.
In public, he is always carefully dressed in the formal clothing of his rank, and he only adopts informal clothes when in his villa in the outskirts of Julinius.


Decimus Ordekis was the offspring of the Senatorial family , but he had no chances of inheriting the family leadership, which was destined to his cousin Tiberius. Therefore, Decimus joined the army when he was 17, reaching easily the rank of lieutenant, thanks to his discipline and his family's influence. His cohort was assigned to a border region on the Isle of Dawn, where he impressed his superiors with his unusual skill in managing the relations with the natives.
At age 30, he was a captain in the Thyatian Legions, and is diplomatic skill had grown so much that his General, Jarandros Monikas, who was leaving the army to become Ambassador to the Kingdom of Alfheim, asked Decimus to follow him as first aide. Decimus, tired with the military life, accepted and moved to Alfheim, were he honed his language and social skill.
In AC 991, the position of Ambassador to the Minrothad Guilds became open after the rescission of the Isolation Act by Ruling Guildmaster Oran Meditor.
By AC 1000, Lord Ordekis clever moves had brought Minrothad in the sphere of influence of the Thyatian Empire. The War of the Wrath, however, disrupted Decimus' efforts, and he was busy trying to keep at least a minimum of commercial relations with the Guilds during the darkest hours of the Empire.
After the Sinking of Alphatia, the political landscape was totally and permanently altered, and Decimus could push the Minrothaddans into giving favourable conditions to the Thyatian merchants.
Decimus' work reached its maximum achievement when, in 1016, Guildmaster Meditor accepted the annexation of Minrothad to the Empire. As Decimus stepped down from his charge, Emperor Eusebius awarded his continuous efforts for the Empire by putting forth his candidature to the Senate, which was voted by a large majority.
Decimus had little time in the past years for his private life, and he is not married. However, during his time in Alfheim he had an affair with an elven lady, who gave him a daughter, Livia (b. 987, 1/2E F5/M4, NG), who is a lieutenant in the Retebius Air Fleet.


Decimus Ordekis is a calm, orderly person, with extremely regular habits. He has few friends, since he spent the longest part of his life abroad, and enjoys it that way. The more he gets old, the less he likes crowds, preferring his villa to the Domus Ordekia in the City.
Politically, he stands strongly for the Emperor, but is considered near to the Philosophers faction because of his preference for diplomatic solutions to political problems, and for his dislike of the Church's involvement in politics.
He personally does not follow any Church or Immortal, and though he recognises the importance of the clergy in the Empire he always thought that the Empire cannot be guided by the desires of a Church, just as a body cannot be guided by the desires of a single limb.


Human (Thyatian) 7th level Noble Fighter, LG Str 12, Int 13, Wis 14, Dex 11, Con 11, Cha 15 Weapon Proficiencies: Gladius (Short Sword, spec.), Pilum (Javelin), Sica (Dagger), Ensis falcata (Sabre), Light lance.
Languages: Thyatian, Patois, Daro.
Non-weapon Proficiencies: R/W Thyatian, Riding (Horse), Military Tactics (Thyatian Legion), Etiquette, Heraldry, Oratory, Law.