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City of Doxeton

by Alex Benson

Doxeton is a coastal city just south of Sealidun. However, it does not have a coastal port. The coastal waters are too shallow and filled with reefs and coastline is composed of high steep cliffs. Doxeton does contain a fleet of sorts. These vessels are skyships instead of seafaring vessels. The population numbers around 5,000 and has a tradition of sending their children into the Aerial Fleets.

Surprisingly, Doxeton has a great deal of agricultural development going on. Various small farms, growing mostly grains surround the city. A few years back, the Baron hired elves from Eadrin to cultivate trees around the city. This effort has materialised as Doxeton is surrounded by a small forest. Cutting trees without permission is a crime. The only wood that can be drawn from the forest has to be dead wood.

Doxeton is ruled by Baron Beanderol (M32). Beanderol was a military man himself, an officer in the Air Arm. He maintains a love for the skyships, he even has one for his own use. It is not uncommon for the people of Doxeton to see the Baron sailing about in his sky yacht. He often uses these rides to entertain friends or just sails alone to get away from daily life.

The Baron is currently single but has had two wives who he has sired children with; Vladmaria (M12) and Cepatria (F13). All of the children are girls, which confounds the Baron. Vladmaria is a good- natured woman. She is truly fond of the Baron but does not want a commitment. Vladmaria likes to travel and is often away. Cepatria too is fond of the Baron. She is more military oriented. She served under the Baron when he was an officer in the Air Arm. Cepatria would not mind being the Baroness. However, it is not a priority.

With Vladmaria he has sired two children: Vahnella (MU3) and Syvastya (F2). . Both are in active service with the RAF in the Infantry. With Cepatria he has four children; Dromeda (F4), Fristina (F3), Allyssia (C1 of Alphatia), and Septrisia (age thirteen). Dromeda and Fristina serving in the RAF with the Air Arm. Allyssia is just starting as a cleric and therefore exempt from service for the time being. Septrisia is too young for service, but has voiced the want to pursue a career with the Marines or the Cavalry.


Doxeton is the site for the kingdom's 2nd Aerial Fleet. The commander of the skyship base and the fleet is Commander Yvelletia (MU22). Yvelletia is a good base commander. She was never too good at tactics regarding skyships. What she does excel at is the theories behind the flying ships. Thus, she is well experienced at the role of overseeing the base. Yvelletia is fairly young and is more open to society. She enjoys being off duty and being in the company of others. The Commander is a frequent visitor at the school and enjoys speaking to them on the properties of the ships.

The SkyShip base is a sprawling complex of warehouses, barracks, and berths. The facility is surrounded by a low wall. In all, the facility can accommodate one complete Air Fleet and its skyship transports. The base is also home to several private skyships. Facilities to repair and maintain the vessels are on site as are the mage craftsmen to perform the duties.

Attached to the 2nd Aerial Fleet are the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th Aerial Marine Regiments. The overall commander for these even numbered regiments is Commander Kamaureen (C32 of Ixion). Her fiery personality is highly reflective of her Immortal. The marines serving under her either love her or hate her. However they feel, they do respect her.

Yvelletia is often seen keeping company with Mylandor (MU26). Mylandor is in charge of maintenance on the skyships. The two served together years ago and have maintained a close friendship. That friendship broadened after both were stationed at Doxeton. The two are a serious couple and have debated settling down together. The two are working together the design several skyship types. Their pet project is a flying flat top from which troops mounted on flying beasts can take off and land upon. This idea was inspired by the recent addition of Tredarius (F23) to the School.

Teregoth(M32) is an adviser to the Aerial School and skyship maintenance facilities. A native of Aeria, he was hired to come to Randel and fill the role. Teregoth is a studious man who is well versed in his craft. An aristocrat, he is not particularly thrilled with the attitude the people of Randel have.

Teregoth brought with him to Randel his daughter Lorelie (M5). Lorelie is a pretty young thing that has caught the eye of many a would be suitor. All suitors have been turned away. Her few friends say she has but one love and has not seen him in years. Lorelie is a friendly sort but extremely saddened in her demeanour.

Tredarius(F23) is of mixed Alphatian and Thyatian blood and native of West Portage on the Isle of Dawn. A former Knight of Retebius, Tredarius travelled to Randel and offered his service after his father became at odds with a Senator of Thyatis. The family was forced to flee Thyatis. His role at the School is to advise the School on the aerial tactics of the Retebius Air Fleet and the Knights of the Air. Tredarius has been allowed to begin a small force of flying beast mounted troops. These act as both simulated Thyatian adversaries as well as a bonafide fighting force. Tredarius has managed to form a unit of six hippogriff riders and six pegasi riders. Tredarius also has managed to gain approval for a group of pegataurs to join the unit.

Tredarius is married to one of his pegasus riders, Xeretha (F12), a pleasant woman and good fighter. Many of the Randel do not know his true origin. Thanks to one of his parents, Tredarius looks a great deal like an Alphatian. Time and again, Tredarius has proven his loyalty to Alphatia. He is well thought of and trusted. Tredarius considers himself Alphatian and may even act offended if referred to as Thyatian. Tredarius is completely enthralled by the skyships. He enjoys watching them and riding aboard them.

The leader of the twenty pegataurs is Mishayyantar (Peg.8 Top Ballista). Plans are being drawn up for these pegataurs to bring their families to Doxeton to join them. The twenty currently at Doxeton reside within the trees surrounding the city in a small. The forests defences are supplemented by a small tribe of centaurs recruited from Eadrin.

The SkyShip School lays astride the skyship base. This series of buildings contain the schoolrooms, dorms, and berths for skyships. There are also constructed build-ups of various skyships for students to practice on without actually going up into the air.

Air Fleet Admiral Kerothastin (MU27) is the commander of the skyship fleet in Doxeton. Born and raised in Doxeton, he is proud of his position. He is also a capable leader, having served in the regular Imperial Air Fleet as a Man-of-War Captain before taking the post in Randel. Kerothastin is recently married to Djaerdrin (C12 of Alphatia), a retired skyship officer. She is a quiet yet intelligent woman who is a steadying influence and supporter of her husband. They have no children yet.

All around Doxeton are small farms. These farms are kingdom supported attempts to broaden the kingdom's agricultural base. The land is given free to would be sodbusters in pre-drawn tracts. This was an experiment that has paid off. The process is slow but steady. Most farmers are of the Air Arm and it has become a tradition for the farmers to send their children to the school. Once they decide that they have served enough time, they return and begin their own farm. The Baron has secured funds from the King to help this process by buying equipment and such.

University Facilities

It often gets lost among the city's skyships, but Doxeton does boast an infantry school. The school is run by Headmaster Pyorgamin (F36). Feeling overshadowed and neglected by the skyships, the aging warrior runs a quick paced regimen. He tries to excite and inspire his students. His enthusiasm has gotten a fair share of his students hurt. Luckily there have been no permanent damage or deaths.

Doxeton has no other official University facilities. However, there is a privately run school. The Darmok School focuses on young Randel citizens between the ages of ten and fifteen. By attending, students gain a head start with weapons, tactics, and magic. Emphasis is on the Aerial Fleet. Administrating this private school is Dean Darmok (E10). Darmok started the school over forty years ago. An old Aerial Trooper himself, he hopes to give students a head start to making it into the Aerial Fleet. This is not an act of charity, for Darmok charges a high tuition. His compensation is taken in stride, as there is a lengthy waiting list for admission.


All around Doxeton are small farms. These farms are kingdom supported attempts to broaden the kingdom's agricultural base. The land is given free to would be "sod busters" in pre-drawn tracts. This was an experiment that has paid off. The process is slow but steady. Most farmers are of the Air Arm and it has become a tradition for the farmers to send their children to the school. Once they decide that they have served enough time, they return and begin their own farm. The Baron has secured funds from the King to help this process by buying equipment and such.

Aside from the skyship facilities, Doxeton has few other industries. What are present are businesses that cater to the servicemen and farmers. Winehouses, blacksmiths, mercantile shops, and restaurants are the most common businesses. There is a need for carpenters. The few that are in Doxeton are really overworked and will welcome any new competitors.

Other Notables

Serving with the Aerial Marines of 2nd Aerial Fleet is Lt. Sharptrell (F18). Despite being drastically over qualified for a lieutenant's commission, he has found himself limited in his advancement through the ranks of the Aerial Marines. Sharptrell's family is originally from Randel. However, several of his forebears volunteered to accompany Halzunthram and his forces in the campaign against the Flaem in AY 1788.

Following the campaign's failure, Sharptrell's forebears stayed in Glantri and became part of the Aendyr's of Silverston. In AY1830, his great-great grandfather became disillusioned with Glantri and returned to Randel. Ever since, the family has had to live under the air of being traitors. This stigma has continued through to confront the following generations, slowing advancement no matter how worthy the person was.

Sharptrell is the latest victim of the family's past. Devoutly loyal to Randel, he perseveres. He has taken the matter as a personal challenge. He tends to go overboard at times to prove his skill and loyalty. He displays extra effort in regards to weapons skill, tactical usage, and uniform dress and procedure. In many ways, he is a perfectionist.

"Sharp" as his friends call him, is surprisingly friendly. He has not allowed the persecution to make him bitter. Most of his fellow Aerial Marines are fond of him. However, there are always a few that do act quite callous towards him.

Sharp is a handsome lad and noble warrior. His good looks have caught the attentions of many a local lady. However, his family history is enough to dissuade parents from allowing their daughters to see him. Currently, Sharp is seeing the Baron's daughter, Syvastya (F2). The two have been seeing each other secretly.


Farmers are well accepted by the people of Doxeton. Transgression against a farmer is considered to be rude. Since skyships often fly over the fields, throwing items overboard is punishable.

Following their Baron's lead, the farmers outside of Doxeton have begun planting trees all around their farms.

Due to its aerial nature, it is common for flying vessels to be above the city. Most citizens pay little attention to them, as they are accustomed to it. They do find some amusement in outsiders who gawk at the vessels.

The people of Doxeton do favour the Air Arm for their children. Most can claim to have family members in that branch for generations. In general, the people seem infatuated with things that fly. Not awed, but infatuated.

DM Notes:

The Thyatians have long been aware of the defection of Tredarius to Alphatia. They have just recently located him in Randel. The Thyatians, especially those of the Retebius Air Fleet, want him disposed of. However, it is easier said than done. It is one thing to assassinate someone on the continent of Brun or the Isle of Dawn, but to send assassins into the Alphatian Mainland is another.

Due to Tredarius' efforts, plans are underway for an expansion of his hippogriff and pegasus riders. This process is slowed as the creatures must be obtained and raised from birth. In the meantime, designs for the carrier are being perfected for presentation to the King and Empress for approval. This will be the difficult part for the King has long petitioned for more skyships. Skyships are expensive and the Empire is ill at ease at giving Randel such a powerful weapons platform.

Teregoth brought his daughter to Randel to get her away from their native Aeria. There, Lorelie had been seeing a roughneck by the name of Allstrick. Allstrick was an adventurer by trade. One day, he left Aeria for parts unknown. That was seven years ago. Her heart broken, Lorelie has become a saddened figure. Despite the pleas of her father she will not accept that Allstrick is gone. Teregoth hoped the change of environment would help her get her mind off of it all. Allstrick is currently living in Glantri City and should not factor until after the Great War.