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Gemstone Dragon - 268

by Aaron Nowack

This is a little idea that's been bouncing around in the black hole some people like to call my brain for a while. The basic idea is to go through issues of Dragon Magazine and make notes on how various articles could be used in a Mystara campaign (this was partially inspired by my recent purchase of the dragon CD archive). and, of course, I decided to call this little project the Gemstone Dragon.

Anyway rather than blather some more, here's the Gemstone Dragon #268 (the latest issue).

Countdown to Third Edition: Wizards and Magic (p.24)

Not much to say here, but the counterspell rules might make mage duels a lot more fun...

Ill gotten gains (p.27)

Not much to say here either. Most of this can be used as is, though the gaz11 merchant system might be preferable or used to complement the ideas presented here...

What Do You Know?: Basic Skills for every Player (p.36)

Most of this can be used without modification.

The Armoury Annex: New AD&D Game Weapons (p.42)

Here are some suggested regions where the new weapons can be found:
Ankus: Sind
Arrow, Battering: This could be popular among clerics of Vanya and other warlike Immortals.
Arrow, Trapezoid: this sounds like a perfect weapon for elves, and thus might be relatively common in nations frequented by them.
Bolt, Battering and Trapezoid: See above. The trapezoid bolt is likely to be a human adaptation to the elven arrow.
Brandistock: Sounds like a great weapon for Darokinian merchants.
Cestrosphendone: The Milenians (and their descendants in Thyatis) might conceivably use this weapon.
Chakram: This should be omitted, due to its association with Xena. :) Seriously, could be found in Sind.
Feruzue: Might be used by the Myoshimans or the M-Orientians...
Francisa: Could have been used by the Traldar...
Jitte: Myoshima, MOrient. Similar, though less oriental, weapons could be used by police in more civilised nations. Might also be used by clerics of war Immortals.
Kuda-Yari: Like the Brandistock, could be used in Darokin.
Nagegema: Similar weapons might be used for castle defence in Norwold or Karameikos.
Navja: Seems like a natural for the Savage Coast.
Sword Stick: Like the Brandistock, could be used in Darokin.

Before the Bow: Archaic Missile Weapons for the AD&D Game (p.46)

Many of these ancient weapons could be found in the Hollow World. Greek Fire seems a natural for Thyatis.

Secrets of the Brotherhood of True Flame (p.50)

Seems like it could be dropped wholesale into Ylaruam, like many Al-Qadim things. Some spells and magic items might be appropriate for Flaems...

Greyhawk Grimoires (p.70)

Easily converted, just change the place names. Kieren could be from any nation as the campaign requires, though Glantri or Alphatia make the most sense.

Bazaar of the Bizarre: Power at a Price (p.74)

The Chitin Helm sounds like it might be made by the hivebrood. Maybe it also connects the user to the Hive...? Nothing special to say about the others.

Dragon's Bestiary: The Lizard Folk (p.80)

These creatures seem naturals for Carnifex/Serpentine experiments, and could be likely found in Davania

The New Adventures of Volo: Lost Princess Road (p.88)

Eugh... I'm not touching this one without a full radiation suit and hazardous duty pay! Volunteers, anyone... :)

FX Artifacts (p.99)

I'm not an Alternity person, so I can't say much about this one. Presumably they could be used for Blackmoor/Federation relics.

Sage Advice (p.112)

I'd just like to point out that the deck of many things question was submitted by Yours Truly. :)