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Dragons and Immortality

by Shawn Stanley

Any rate to put substance to this post I'll post the bare bones of a thought I've been having about dragons and immortality and the draconic immortals and all the rest of it. I haven't read this dragon trilogy that Hervé mentioned so I dunno how that changes things and I guess I should re-read your earlier dragon article about dragons Bruce - I hope that I'm not just using ideas from there and claiming them as my own.

Any hoo.

It all starts back in the original Immortal boxed set with mention of some Immortal-Draeden war and also mention of how dragons are somehow descendant from draeden. From what I recall the immortals sort of ended up winning the war although it may have just ended up in what was basically a draw with the immortals only receiving some slight advantage. Well there were outcomes of this war - treaties and all the rest of it. The dragons which might have existed at this time were allowed to gain immortality and therefore potentially become quite powerful - there was a reason to the war after all. The thought of the power of draeden and immortals combined was why the whole war started - I dunno what power I'd be talking about specifically - things are a little hazy here - but there's bound to be something. Any rate this treaty was made that there would be allowed some draconic immortals - the draeden would hope that if their descendants could be merged with immortals then they might subversly get what they always wanted - the immortals basically gave them this concession as they feared losing outright a protracted war with the draeden.

The terms of the contract with the draeden was that there would be four draconic immortals, three each for the different alignments and an overall ruler who would be unaligned. The positions would exist outside the dragons who filled those positions - this goes back to the original Immortals boxed set where these dragons could killed and what not. Terra was the immortal chosen as sponsor to the Great One, she would chose new Great One's in the event of the death of an old one. The current Great One would choose the a new aligned dragon in the result of one of their deaths.

Another effect of this treaty was that no other dragons could attain immortality. Although the immortals doubted that the union of draeden and immortals would produce any benefits they still didn't want too many draconic immortals about - you can never be too certain. Of course the treaty was made some time ago and people - even immortals start to forget. On Mystara as it stands we have two pretty powerful dragons who could perhaps easily be elevated to the ranks of immortality - Synn and Pyre. Throughout the recent history of Mystara who knows how many others have come that close or perhaps even become immortal - if Benekander could escape notice for a while without even trying consider if you really tried. I mentioned elsewhere in another post that I considered that perhaps Idris from Denagoth may have been a dragon in mortal life.

I know some of this stuff may perhaps be a little out there - and definitely outside the scope of many things. Although it might give a different angle to things such as