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Draken (Duchy of)

Location: Continent of Brun, northwest of Alpha. NW

Area: 2,992 sq. mi. (7,750 sq. km.).

Population: 6,300.

Languages: Alphatian.

Coinage: Alphatian Standard: crown (gp), mirror (sp), judge (cp).

Taxes: 25% of income.

Government Type: Duchy, member of the Kingdom of Alpha, member of the Norwold Confederacy.

Industries: Fishing, agriculture, military, trading.

Important Figures: Beriak (Duke).

Flora and Fauna: Usual coniferous and evergreen trees abound in Draken, since the settlers didn't cut down large areas of Lothbarth. Great variety of fish can be found near the coast, many wild animals in the woods inland (elk, moose, bears, wolves, foxes, etc.). Many birds of prey and wild felines roam the eastern areas of the county, especially in the foothills near the western mountains. A couple of dragons are said to live on said mountains to the east, and some strange extra-planar creatures have been reported wandering in the forest near the duke's abode.

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Last Year's Events: None to report.