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Loritil Drayroth

by Jesper Andersen

Vengeful female elven neutral evil wizard (18) and Dracologist of the Third Circle.

Loritil Drayroth is an evil, twisted soul, mad for power and revenge. She was born among the Ellerovyn elves of Erewan 63 years ago but never cared much for the ways of the forest. Loritil desired power and knew where to get it. She travelled to Glantri City and became a student at the Great School of Magic. Being very beautiful in a dangerous sort of way, she quickly ensnared the hearts of many students and teachers at the school and used her advantage to learn many dark and terrible secrets. Though she favours Necromancy, Invocation/Evocation and Enchantment/Charm, she never became a specialist in either of these schools.

In time Loritil graduated, with honours, and came to the attention of Prince Jaggar von Drachenfels. He was fascinated by this beautiful young elven lady and in AC 988 they became lovers. Jaggar needed companionship when he was in Glantri City, seeking to get away from the eternal quarrels between his wife and his mother and Loritil was very careful to please his desires. She used his confidence to pry from him the secrets of Dracology and became a practitioner of the secret craft.

A few years later, Loritil tried, and failed, several times to achieve the Fourth Circle of Dracology - to command the Might of the Dragons. Frustrated at her failure she instead turned to other dark crafts and fell in league with Sir Boris Gorevitch-Woszlany. For his own amusement, and to annoy Prince Jaggar, Sir Boris coaxed Loritil into necromantic experiments to spur her on to creating undead dragons - a great crime for members of the Secret Craft of Dracology. When she was well underway in her experiments, Sir Boris arranged to secretly betray her to Prince Jaggar.

Jaggar confronted his love and a great quarrel ensued which ended in a magical duel. When Jaggar threatened to banish Loritil from the Craft for her heinous crimes, she became enraged and tried to kill him to claim mastery of the Craft herself. However, even her formidable powers as a wizard were no match for the Master of Dracology. Jaggar changed to the shape of a huge Sapphire dragon and used his dragon fear to terrify and capture Loritil.

Prince Jaggar could not bring himself to kill his former lover though. Against his better judgement he released her after banishing her from the Craft of Dracology and confiscating all of her spellbooks and belongings, including all her research into creating undead dragons.

Loritil left Glantri and settled anonymously in Wendar. It wasn't long, however, before Sir Boris caught up with her. She never figured out that he was the one who set her up and now he once more proclaimed his support. With the help from Sir Boris, Loritil set up a new stronghold with research facilities and an extensive library of tomes on magic and necromantic rituals. Now, seven years later, she is as strong as she ever were before and has finished the creation of a huge undead black dragon named Ticala.

Loritil is determined to have her revenge on Prince Jaggar and the rest of the members of the Secret Craft of Dracology. But she also knows that Jaggar is well connected to the dragons of the Wyrmsteeth range - both chaotic, neutral and lawful ones - and so she bides her time. Both she and her fellow conspirator Sir Boris are not troubled by age as normal humans are and she can afford to plan her revenge carefully.

[Campaign Use:]
She has relocated from Wendar to a secret tower in the Wendar Range north of Boldavia, where apart from Ticala she has a small host of undead or enslaved servants. In an effort to construct more undead dragons, Loritil and Sir Boris are hiring agents all over the Known World to investigate rumours of both live and slain dragons.

PCs could unknowingly work for Loritil being sent on a dragon-slaying mission or they could cross the path of her henchmen competing to reach the lair of a dragon first. Hirelings employed by Loritil could pose as taxidermists or trophy collectors willing to purchase dragon carcases (and insisting on getting the heads as well!).

At high levels PCs might become involved in the ongoing feud between Jaggar and Loritil. For now Jaggar is way too powerful for Loritil to take on in a fair fight. Her only hope is to use deception and betrayal and set up a trap. To test Jaggar's abilities and reactions, she sometimes hires evil foreign adventurers to attack him or his relatives. Of course she always makes sure that they do not know who they are really working for. The PCs might come across such an attack and assist the Prince or save his family, which would earn them Jaggar's attention - and perhaps gratitude - and perhaps lead them on to further adventures.

[Game stats:]
Str 11, Dex 14, Con 16, Int 22, Wis 14, Cha 17
Loritil carries several powerful magical items including a Rod of Absorption, a Staff of Power, a pair of Boots of Flying, a Ring of Undead Control (a gift from Sir Boris, it acts as a Control Undead spell at the 18th level of ability once per day).

Loritil and Ticala