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Glantri Tavern Series - Taverne du Sanglier Ivre (Drunken Boar Tavern)

by David Melik

This unique Glantrian tavern is located in the town of Loupmont (Details of Loupmont are in PC4: Night Howlers). On the map of Loupmont, it is the southernmost building of the group of buildings that is south of the northwestern gate of Loupmont.

The tavern is a sturdy, two-story, sort of light coloured wooden building. Above the yellow letters of the sign is a mural of a boar dancing on its hind legs, with a mug of liquor, a red nose, and a crazy, intensely amused look on its face. It was done by a famous Glantrian artist. It is open from 10 to 10. It has decent prices for drinks, but the owners original brews, "Les Spiriteux du Visions Strange" cost 4 times as much as the normal drink. These are detailed later. Inside are excellent oaken bar stools, chairs, and large round tables, which the owner really likes, and really does not like them abused in any way. In the tavern area, along with wooden beams, the roof is held up by 4 tusks of gargantuan boars, with intricate carvings of important events of Glantrian history, going from each corner to the centre, even though the roof is prism-shaped. There is a large fireplace on the southwestern wall, beside the bar. The bar is in the centre of the building, against the wall that separates the tavern from the rooms. The door to these is between the bar and the stairs, which are on the northwestern side. The few rooms behind the tavern area (in the northwestern rectangular part of the building) are available for a slightly more expensive cost than the local inns, as this is a tavern, not an inn. Upstairs lives the owner, in a large room. There is no rivalry between the Drunken Boar Tavern and Taverne du Loup Savage. In fact, the owner is friends with Villebois. Perhaps they went adventuring together in the past. The tavern is a meeting place for groups of werecreatures.

The owner of the tavern is Jacques-Pierre Pommetęte. His stats are: Magic-User 6th; AC D&D: 8, AD&D: 10; hp 15; #AT 1; Dmg 1D4 (dagger) or by spell; MV D&D: 120' 40', AD&D: 12'; ML D&D: 9, AD&D: 75%; AL D&D: neutral, AD&D: true neutral (with good tendencies); STR 9, INT 18, WIS 17, DEX 14, CON 12, CHA 16, COM 15 (These ability scores were rolled using the method of rolling 4D6, and dropping the lowest roll.). 20

He has skills such as: alchemy, herbalism(2), magical engineering, brewing(3), cooking(2), gambling, storytelling, food tasting, fire-building, etc. His additional languages include dwarf and halfling. He has most of his weapon specialisation/mastery in dagger. These various skills are neither complete nor necessary. The DM should modify everything to their own taste, of course.

His personality and background are:

Pierre is a somewhat retired adventurer, who was born on the day of Thaumont 15th, 967 AC. He was born and raised in Loupmont. He learned how to run a tavern from his uncle Marinois, who previously owned the tavern. His uncle was also a wereboar. When he was 19, he began avidly adventuring, and continued to help at the tavern between adventures. When he was 23 years old and 3rd level he served for two years in La Garde d'Obsidienne as Sire Malachie sometimes needs a wizard or two, and then returned to a life of adventuring. When he served in The Obsidian Guard, he was given an obsidian dagger +1 instead of a sword, as he is a wizard, which he still has, among other magical items.

In 996 AC, his uncle was brutally murdered by an evil travelling member of The Fellowship of Were-Hunters who met him in wereform in La Foręt des Ombres, on the trail to Vignes. As Marinois had no sons, Pierre inherited the tavern from him. He lost much of his adventuring ambition and settled back down in Loupmont to run the Drunken Boar Tavern.

Pierre is an active member of The Canine Protection Society (or practically, but not officially a member if you don't allow wereboars in this organisation in your campaign). He often performs tasks and occasionally goes on adventures to help Sire Malachie, The Canine Protection Society, or werecreature society in general. He might go on adventures in PC4 like The Black Horse, The White Wolf of Morlay, or similar ones. He goes on adventures about two to four times a year now, leaving the tavern in the hands of someone that has been working for him for a long time, who he trusts. In the his spare time, he does magical research and whatever other magely things mages do, and reads because of curiosity and for fun. He is a 6' 1", 210 lbs. portly man, with a pinkish tint of skin and dark brown hair and eyes. He is a friendly person who likes conversations, a good bartender. He is not afraid to say what he wants when he wants to or has to. He will not speak or act very foolishly though. He has an average spellbook, and always has spells that he might need memorised, in case of a bar fight, and that could help with bartending. He first tries to sleep, charm, hold, etc. troublemakers, and he has also devised a spell called Pierre's Stunning Missile, that is identical to magic missile except that it does double damage, which is non-lethal.

Pierre's famous original brew, his specialty is "Les Spiriteux du Visions C9trange", or "Liquor of Strange Visions", locally known as "The Weird Liquor". There are versions of it for all standard drinks. One might ask for "a mug of weird ale" for example. Pierre buys a certain type of extremely aged cheese from a local farmer, who is named Bob or something. This cheese is not normally consumed at such an age, because of the old and extensive growth of the mould, which is hallucinogenic and tastes very bad. There is actually a sort of cheese mould like this on earth. In this state, the mould probably has a negative effect on the body if eaten much, or even a little, but it is a medieval time, and no one really knows about this. The mouldy parts are removed from the cheese. Then, it is included in the mixture when the liquor is fermented. Afterwards, concentrated juice of the appropriate type is added, because most people find the taste of the mould disgusting. Pierre has the base ready, and mixes the desired type of juice or other liquor with it for customers. Popular mixtures that he keeps on hand are with standard drinks mixed with the concentrated juice of their ingredients, or with mint, apple cider, wine, and whisky. he also sells bottles of desired mixtures, and the base so one can mix their own desires.

When someone quaffs it, they will begin to hallucinate in 2D3 plus their constitution adjustment minutes. Pierre has experience, so the recipe includes enough so the drinker is normally still in touch with reality. Because of this, the effect on the body is probably not as bad as it would be otherwise. This probably depends on constitution. Anything from their imagination and memory can appear. This probably depends on intelligence and/or wisdom. If a character frequently drinks this brew, it should eventually effect certain organs of their body adversely, probably their brain.