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Islands of the Sea of Dread

by Simone Neri

[I do have a question (not sure if this the right place). Has anyone fleshed out the random islands in the Sea of Dread between the Know World and the Isle of Dread?]

Yes, details come mostly from XSOLO1, X8, and PC3. You can see the results on these maps (which were did in "hexed" version after LoZompatore's discoveries in the modules):

Geographical Map

Political Map

I made them with Italian labels, unfortunately. Some translations for you (only for the Sea of Dread area):

Atollo delle Termiti = Termites' Atholl (XSOLO1)
I. degli Insetti = Insects' Island (XSOLO1)
I. dei Tifoni = Typhoons' Island (AC10 - it's the island of "Isle of the Storm Giant" adventure)
I. del Ragno = Spider Island (XSOLO1)
I. del Terrore = Isle of Dread (X1)
I. di Alvar = Isle of Alvar (non-canon: it's meant to be the old land where the Belcadiz elves fled after the BC 1700 catastrophe)
I. Senza Nome = Nameless Island (XSOLO1 & PC3; I identified the island with the shark-kins' Island of Dried Skins from PC3)
Isolotto degli Scheletri = Skeleton Key (XSOLO1)
Isolotto Orientale = Eastern Key (XSOLO1)
Isolotti delle Tre Sorelle = Three Sisters' Keys (XSOLO1)
La Montagna Infuocata = The Burning Mountain (XSOLO1)
Roccia dei Pirati = Pirates' Rock (XSOLO1)
Teki-nura-ria = [the same] (X8)

Numbered locations in the Sea of Dread area comes mostly from GAZ8 and PC3.
As you see, there are still some islands (like the two to the east of Teki-nura-ria) which don't have any canon name.