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Dream Catchers

by Tristan Dunigan

Dream Catchers (useable by any class, coveted by mages)

Made by Wallara Mendoo, Dream Catchers are usually wooden or bamboo "hoops" or circles. These hoops are sometimes then covered in leather. Leather or string of some sort is used to build a "web" inside the hoop. The hoop is then decorated with feathers, beads, or other fetishes. The Wallara say that these items will keep evil dreams and spirits away while the wearer is sleeping.

These rare items are extremely useful in the hands of mages. Many wizards have tried to make Dream Catchers, but, the Wallara possess the only magics that enable the item to function properly. It had been said that some mages that tried to create and use their own Dream Catchers have gone mad. Just like living a nightmare!

When worn by a mage , the mage only needs half the normal amount of rest before rememorising spells, due to the extremely restful and peaceful sleep.

When worn by any other class, a person needs only half the normal amount of sleep to be fully refreshed, turning one hour of sleep into two.....two to four...and so on.

Some Dream Catchers are special (about 10%). These special items enable the wearer to see, via a dream, a future event that relates directly to the wearer. This event is left to DM discretion of course. It could be something as simple as knowing where to look for that hidden sack of coins, to the answer to a perplexing riddle that has stumped the party.