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Converting BECMI Dragons to 3E - Clerical Alignment Domains

by Greg Weatherup

Another general aspect just occured to me:

Ie 3e some breeds also have the ability to cast clerical spells and the domain spells of 2-4 domains as arcane spells. However usually 1 or 2 of those are alignment domains. Mystaran dragon's have different alignments than normal 3e dragons, so those alignment domains need to change. I'm tempted to replace them as follows:

Breed 3e Al 3e domains Mystaran Al Mystaran domains
Black Always CE None Always C, usually N None
Blue Always LE Air, Evil, Law Always N, usually TN Air, Magic, Trickery
Gold Always LG Law, Luck, Good Always L, usually G Law, Luck, Magic
Green Always LE None Always C, often N None
Red Always CE Chaos, Evil, Fire Always C, usually E Chaos, Magic, Fire
White Always CE None Always N, usually TN None

The Gold's Law and Red's Chaos seem fine to me, So I'm proposing to replace the others with Magic.

For the Blue's, neither Evil nor Law are appropriate for Mystaran Blue's, so perhaps swap them with Magic & Trickery? I suppose Earth could also work (so perhaps Air, Earth & Trickery?). Balance or Strom might also work for Blue's if you have access to one of the source books that include those (Player's Guide to Faerun or Underdark)