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Dragons in the Broken Lands

by Robin

(Ages as per 1006 AC)
In the Broken Lands are only a few small Dragon Realms, any other dragons encountered are passing over, and live beyond the region or are visitors.
1 The First belongs to a Small Red Dragon named Gurmarmirmiriar (age 31, AL CN, M) settled in a cave in the mountain spur East of Vesubio Tertio. Gurmarmirmiriar keeps a very low profile, and feeds only on local wildlife, and an occasional lone goblin or Red Orc. He or she (which is still unknown) settled in 998 AC, and decided to learn the most it can about the region and why so many desire to pass it. In the future this dragon might decide to install a taxation system for merchant willing to pass, but it is assumed even then this will be not a too heavy burden. Gurmarmirmiriar is still young and knows it has to be careful to become successful. It is a loyal follower of the draconic traditions. As thus Gurmarmirmiriar is often visited by various Gold Dragons of the Draconic Kingdom. Both are sometimes seen when flying, they do not intend to react upon any creature below, unless it is to hunt for food. Gurmarmirmiriar does not belong to the Dragon Pyramid of another Dragon Realm, but Astlmahl surely wants to expand its territory, and may issue a fight.

2 When in 1006 The Large Red Dragon Flamewing (age 352, AL CE, F) settled in Ogremoor, tensions arose between these two Red Dragons, and it could eventually lead to combat, where Gurmarmirmiriar would clearly be on the lower hand. Flamewing had a large realm and pyramid of Dragon power. But the destruction of the Silver Sierras not only destroyed his realm, but most of its Dragon vassals. The two that did survive went far, far away. This lets assume their was bitterness and suppression. Flamewing has already battled Astlmahl, but thus was unresolved due to a sudden ash eruption of Kalazyrd. Flamewing set its new realm at the region of Ardelphia (Darokin) to Corunglain, stretching 35 miles south, 20 miles north and rapidly took control of the few small White, Green and Bleu dragons there. When Flamewing is finally slain somewhere in 1016 by the same adventurers which later destroyed the Lich of Sable Tower,(Tower of Doom arcade game) balance seems to be restored for Gurmarmirmiriar, Darokin, and all others affected. It is unknown which alias Flamewing had, but rumours tend to lead to a brutal oppressive merchant named Oswald Temmigron (suspect of selling slaves) However, this is only proven due that personal items of this Oswald were found in Flamewing’s lair, and Oswald has disappeared when Flamewing was destroyed.Oswald also could have been dinner.

3 Another Dragon living in the Broken Lands is Astlmahl a Small (almost large) Bleu Dragon from Ethengar (age 125, AL NG, M), assumed by many to be an early spawn of Kanistan (World Mountain Ethengar). This dragon is almost a ghost, and uses the Invisibility spell as if it were cookies, not sparingly, but near continuously. (Astlmahl already suffered the immaterialism magic disease due this but recovered) Its lair is in the northern side of Akkila’s Throne Plateaux and extremely well hidden, with powerful illusions and barriers. He is apt in magic and knows almost all draconic spells available to its powers, and many human-(oid) magic, although it rarely uses these.. Astlmahl mostly hunts in the Mucks feeding on local Wildlife, sometimes dining on a local Troll or wanderer (be it Human or Humanoid). It refrains from attacking Dwarves and Elves out of some unknown respect. And this is known due several experiences, that this behavior is is extended to the Demihuman’s current company. Most however think Astlmahl is a black dragon when first encountered as it often swims submerged in the muck, surfacing with black brown muddy goo. This Dragon is only visited by its half-sister Belladraag (from about 80 miles East in Ethengar Age 89, AL NN, F), and it is assumed they may form a couple in a few decades. Astlmahl has an allias of Allurtyoll, an elf of adult age and rumoured to be a great sorcerer, but very intense in action, with almost no second thought about its environment (very uncommon for an Elf).Astimahl is surely the Dragon with the greatest power over the Broken lands, and with the greatest chances to keep and expand this hold,

4 And Erronya a small female Green Dragon (age 45, AL LN, F), with a very good relation to the Kingdom of Alfheim, which lives in the Black Hills, in the alias of a Hag/Witch. She has no contact with the local humanoids other than as customer, for they all long for her homebrew healing stuff, but fear her magic. To them she is Charisma 17 in hag shape (to humans 4). She just recently made contact with the Dwarfgate Mountain’s Green Dragon Nation, and though not against it, she has not chosen to join or be a renegade. Erronya belonged to the Dragon Power Pyramid of the Gold Dragon Raspaert in Former Alfheim, but with the alteration/destruction of the Canolbarth, this dragon power pyramid fell apart. Since then Erronya is free, and likes it. However, Astlmahl may try to establish a stronger hold on the area by trying to enforce Erronya into his pyramid of power. Her humanoid identity is that of an ugly, but friendly witch(including witch spells & abilities), with an incredible amount of healing skills, spells, potions, ointments, salves and other healing implements, available to any with pay (for her hoard).

5 Then we have a single ravenous young (age 11, AL CN, M) Black Dragon named Gjullgaraah living in the Mucks since Spring 1005AC. Gjullgaraah already tries to take control of the local populace and tries to establish a new personal Dragon Realm. However, he falls under the dominion of Astimahl, living in the cliffs of Akilla’s Throne Plateau.

6, 7, 8 And finally three unrelated small white dragons independently living along the Mountains of the Valley of Khyr; Pasvrost, (age 21, AL CN, M) Ijsh-ergg-koud, (age 24, AL N, M) two males and Kal-tejung-fer, a female (Age 29, AL CE, F). All feed only on the local wildlife, and a lone wandering humanoid now and then. The belong to Gurmarmirmiriar’s Pyramid of power, but did belong to Flamewing’s pyramid (regretfully) very soon after it appeared. They all fell under Gurmarmirmiriar again soon ofter Flamewing’s death. Pasvrost and Ijsh-ergg-koud, recently battle continuously to come into the favours of Kal-tejung-fer, yet she blatantly ignores all actions of both young Dragons, only tempting them to increase their power, hoard, to share with her, and then throws back the cold shoulder. All these white dragons refrain from contact with the nearby Faenare, as they fear their magical power and air/flight agility, which supersedes their own

As all these Dragons and their Draconic visitors are refraining themselves from most direct contact on the ground, they may still be encountered when flying over, causing fear and panic in the local Fauna. When somehow confronted, they will mostly retreat, eventually.

Before 1006 there were a few more dragons But they either left to more bountiful lands or died

Karahml-Black=Small= Trollhattan-Eaten by Trolls Winter 1002 AC
Benghivust-Black=Medium =The Mucks-died by Ethengar adventurers Spring 997 AC
Kamalla-Bleu= Small =Yellow Orkia-died by Orc Adventurers Autumn 998 AC
Tervuuhr-Red=Large=Ogremoor-weakened and then killed by succesive adventurer attacks of both humans and humanoids Spring to Winter 990AC
Klarrrkoudt-White= medium=Khyr-defeated by a flock of Faenare Winter 993 AC
Gargrimm-Gold=Small=Orcus Rex-Moved away spring 1001 AC
Samanthus-Ruby=Medium=Bugburbia-slain by Glantrian Mages for components. The bones and skull became new warmachines or building material. Spring or summer 992 AC
3 unnamed Red, 2 unnamed Black, one unnamed blue, 12 unnamed white, 2 unnamed Green, and 6 unnamed Gold dragons. These died either by disease, humanoid adventurers, or conflict between dragons. they were all less than 20 years of age and small or even younger.

Their remnants were eaten and used to make warmachines or in constructions, many teeth and scales became humanoid armor or weapons.
Any hoards, though mostly small, have been plundered, but the hoards of Tervuuhr, Klarrkoudt and most of the unnamed ones has not been recovered. To the unnamed ones, this can be due their age and lack of experience (this no hoard made yet, or badly hidden and taken by others). As to the others, it was well hidden in a lair, which was in the Broken Lands, but never located or even suggested.

One other important Dragon (from the Storm over Mystara arcade game) is Synn. This is a huge Crimson red Dragon which the Blonde female mage alias and the Dragon bear the same name. Though in the Arcade game it is not directly suggested that this Synn is the same Synn as Dolores Hillsbury (night Dragon) is, the source of the original writer does It is thus best to assume that this Red Dragon Synn is NOT Dolores Hillsbury. Not only will this keep the Night Dragon Synn in the game, but enable Storm over Mystara to truly become part of Mystara's history.
Dolores maybe would have been a guiding agent in the plot to destroy this red dragon with the use of adventurers (typically a streak in her alley). However, as this will surely have implications/rammifications and other problems with Dolores she will have to retreat from directly affecting Kolland. This would thus stabilize the Humanoids and making the Broken Lands still a Humanoid place....even though other changes will happen (Shadow Elves, Heldannic Knights, Weather, Volcanism, Streel River) the region will keep its remarkable features both geological, biological and socio-cultural
The Synn dragon in the game is crimson red, and as Crimson dragons do exist on the Savage Coast, this leads to assume its origin lies there or on the Arm of the immortals.