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History of Dragonkind

by Simone Neri

At last I managed to correct, refine, polish, and make a pdf document of my History of Dragonkind, which I started writing two years ago.

You can download the booklet.

As you can read in the foreword, this history was intended to be a part of an ambitious PCE1 - Lore of the Ancient Wyrms (where PCE stands for "PC series Expansion"), but most of the remaining part is still to write. So, given the current debate around Dragons in BC 2300, I thought it'd have been a good idea to post the historical part of my work, at least.

My version of draconic history tries to merge together all known canon sources (mostly the Immortal Set, Wrath of the Immortals, Dragonlord Trilogy novels, and Ziets' and Heard's articles from Dragon Magazine); where possible, I've tried to find an explanation to justify inconsistencies in canon sources - where it was impossible (like Diamond's background), I've had to choose between sources.

The history is supported by a number of notes, which I hope will be useful to show you where I've found the relevant informations in canon and non-canon sources, and to explain what was my reasoning behind what I wrote. I apologize for the lack of page reference (and, in some cases, even novel reference) in the notes regarding the Dragonlord Trilogy novels; the lack is due to the fact that my source for the novels were citations posted by LoZompatore on the old Italian MMB, which was deleted alongside all valuable infos they hosted a couple of years ago. Fortunately I kept all citations, but not other infos about them, so in most cases I was unable to trace back the novel the single citation belonged to.

As an appendix, I included what I wrote as introduction to my PCE1 project; essentially it's a chapter who tries to make the point on the Dragons' role in the Multiverse, their cosmic cicle, and their various incarnations, both mortal and planar.
I suggest you read this appendix first, in order to better understand how I interpreted draconic history.

As always, I consider the present work far from finished, so I hope to see many comments and criticism to further perfect it. If you manage to read through it, I mean - both becouse my English skills are what they are, and becouse it's horrendously LONG.

Have a good read!