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Dragons on Vaniae

by WingofCoot

The most numerous and powerful dragons of Vaniae are the amber dragons. Their exact origin is unclear, but they have been a major force on the planet since before the arrival of Blackmoorian spacecraft.

Blue and white dragons also have a significant presence, due to Vaniae's largely cold-desert environment.

A few gold and crystal dragons are present, but they are not only rare but reclusive, to avoid falling under the suzerainty of one of the powerful Chaotic amber dragons.

Amber dragons are extremely widespread, but most present in mountainous regions. They can fly very high, and breathe even the thin air of Tharsis' highest peaks. Blue dragons are generally found in warm deserts such as those of Mygalla and Hellas; white dragons are more numerous in the high latitudes of the northern hemisphere.

Karr'akkaron (a huge amber dragon) is the suzerain of a vast dragon 'nation' incorporating most of the amber dragons on Vaniae and a number of Neutral dragons as well.

Ssekkalis (a huge crystal dragon) leads a small 'nation' of Lawful dragons scattered across the vast wildernesses of Vaniae.