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Darine Kits

by Jennifer Guerra

There are two primary Darine kits which combine abilities from other, general kits as well as new abilities: the Darine Mystic and the Darine Sharpster.

Darine Mystic

The Darine Mystic is especially found in the Kaldresh tribe. The character is usually a woman. The Mystic is a master of will over spirit and matter. As such, she is a consummate fortune-teller, charmer, and faith healer, with other abilities similar to those of a Wokani.

The Mystic has a gaze attack called the evil eye. This focuses powerful negative emotions--hate, anger, jealousy--against a creature meeting their gaze. The attack is unable thrice per day, and can manifest in one of five ways. The most common are a hold (person or monster) or a curse (though fear, charm, and suggestion effects are not unknown). To avoid the effect, the target must save vs. paralysation. Failure against any except the curse afflicts the creature for 1d4+1 rounds; failing against the hold by 4 or more inflicts disabling convulsions upon the victim for three rounds. The curse effect is similar to the reverse of the 4th-level wizard spell remove curse. It can affect either a creature or an item, but the curse itself must be spoken.

Mystics advance as clerics, with the Hit Dice of a wizard, though with an additional 2 hp per level. They can automatically cast the first-level priest spell cure light wounds three times a day, as well as the first-level wizard spell charm person once a day. The Mystic can also make brews and philtres, including potions and poisons of various effects and durations (these must always be liquid, and act as the potions of the magical item list in the DMG). The Mystic can make one such potion per week.

Mystics for the purposes of spellcasting progress as priests, though with a difference: the spells the Mystic receives at first level are first-level priest spells. Additional spells received at second level are first-level wizard spells. Spells received at third level are second level priest spells, and so on, to the fifth level of spellcasting. In other words,

Level Spells Received
1 One L1 priest (P) spell
2 One L1 priest (P) spell, one L1 wizard (W) spell
3 One L1 P, one L1 W, one L2 P
4 Two L1 P, one L1 W, one L2 P, one L2 W
5 Two L1 P, one L1 W, two L2 P, one L2 W, one L3 P
6 Two L1 P, one L1 W, two L2 P, one L2 W, one L3 P, one L3 W
7 Two L1 P, one L1 W, two L2 P, one L2 W, one L3 P, one L3 W, one L4 P
8 Two L1 P, one L1 W, two L2 P, one L2 W, two L3 P, one L3 W, one L4 P, one L4 W
9 Two L1 P, two L1 W, two L2 P, two L2 W, two L3 P, one L3 W, one L4 P, one L4 W, one L5 P
10 Two L1 P, two L1 W, two L2 P, two L2 W, two L3 P, one L3 W, two L4 P, one L4 W, one L5 P, one L5 W
11+ --No additional spells are granted past this level--

Mystics may not carry or use any weapon other than a small sickle-shaped dagger with which to cut herbs for potions.

Darine Sharpster

This character is usually found among the Vistani. The Sharpster can be a man or a woman, but is typically a man. The Sharpster is a talented charmer, confidence man, pilferer, and entertainer (usually of the hand-is-quicker-than-the-eye variety).

Sharpsters are, first and foremost, con-men. They specialise in all sorts of tricks and games designed to liven spirits and to earn a living (what gorgio morality says of this way to earn a living is of no consequence to a Darine, anyway). To this end, Sharpsters can automatically cast the first-level wizard spells charm person and alter self an unlimited number of times per day, and the third-level spell suggestion three times per week. They gain +5% to the thief ability Pick Pockets, and know Thieves' Cant wherever they travel regularly. They can also influence crowd reactions as a bard, whereupon when the Sharpster is addressing a crowd the audience must save vs. paralysation, with a -3 penalty for every three experience levels of the Sharpster. Should the saving throw fail, the group's reaction is automatically shifted to friendly; those who save feel animosity toward the Sharpster, suspecting the nature of his scheme. Sharpsters advance as thieves, and may use the weapons of that class. Some Sharpsters have been known to be multiclass fighter/thieves, but never mage/thieves or fighter/mage/thieves.