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Drinks of Karameikos

by Malteen

I realise this is an old thread but I am interested in this. I had already done some work for a campaign in Karameikos along these lines. My players got sick of drinking "the local brew" and came into some money. They decided to hit a nicer establishment (more expensive) and sample some finer imports and such. For a week I scrambled to come up with something. I have a short list of brews, wines and other drinks that might be imported to a wealthy inn in Specularum. I am by no means an expert on any of this but if I can help start a little brainstorming......Anyways here is what I have

Rifflian Dewdrop Wine - Made by Callarri elves this wine is made of white grapes, peaches, and fresh morning dew. A light but very tasty wet wine. Not very potent. Noble women and wealthy merchants are the only people who pay the exorbitant prices for this wine as it is rarely sold outside Rifflian. ****

Rifflian Trail Stock - Also made by Callarri elves this dry, fruity wine is made of raspberries and peaches and serves as the standard "wanderers drink". It is more than likely if you ask a bartender for elven wine in Karameikos this is what you receive. Average potency. **

Baron's Best - This heavy mead is made in the Barony of Kelvin from maple syrup and honey. Very thick, and sweet this potent concoction will warm you up on the coldest of nights. Can be served hot or room temperature. Its overly sweet taste can take some getting used to. Do not chill. Good Potency. **

Bridleton Brew - This Kerendan brew is actually a whiskey not a beer. This medium dark whiskey is slightly sour and despite the rumour it is made of "horse ****" it sees a lot of exportation all along the coast. It is cheap and has good potency but a not so good taste. *

Bridleton's Secret Label - This is a vodka made in Kerendas although it is extremely expensive to get outside of the duchy. This clear drink is smooth and very potent. Drank mostly by decadent Thyatian nobles. ****

Bayville - A medium dark beer with average potency it tends toward a slightly bitter taste. This beer is made in Kerendas and is the basic drink of every inn in the duchy. **

Sutter Valley Red - Also known as Thyatian Red is made in a valley just north of Kerendas. It has long been the standard for wines in Thyatis. It is heavily exported as the military owns the biggest contracts for it. Slightly sour, this drink has low potency and therefore is good for military use. **

White Horse Ale - This heavy, bitter drink is made in Tel-Akbir. It is dark and bitter but it is very potent. Has seen a lot of exportation lately into Ylaruam and the Northern Reaches, and through there to Ethengar. Although, the horse lords acquire it more through raiding than trading. Dwarves "don't mind" it because of its bitter taste. **

Hin Brew - This is actually a conglomerate of brewers across the Shires that have all attached their beers to this label. Most non-Hin would never realise the difference but a connoisseur will be delighted with 17 different versions (flavours) of this beer. The conglomerate arose when a very popular beer recipe got stolen and sold off to the highest bidder. So far 17 copies have popped up and each one has pledged loyalty to the label in order to compete. Next to tobacco this is the largest export the Hin have. **

Weatherbee Wineries - This light amber wine has a strangely "nutty" flavour. Made in the Shires and exported mostly to Hin communities in Ierendi and Minrothad. Has average potency. **

Stillwater Light - This is a dry, white wine with a sour flavour that comes from a winery in the Shires. Light but with good potency, this wine is rapidly making a name for itself as the "best white wine outside of Glantri". It sees more and more export every day. The Hin makers guard its recipe vehemently. ****

Stillwater Dark - From the same company as the light this is the standard red version of the white wine. This dark, wet wine is sweet on the palate and packs a lot of punch. Very potent. With the increase in popularity of the white, the red is seeing more exportation.***

Old Blue Boy - This strange drink is a brandy made of blueberries. Made in the Shires it is rather "thick" for a brandy but brings a very refreshing flavour to liquid sustenance. Not seen much outside the Shires, but that could change if word got out. Very potent ***

Red Hill Brandy - This brandy is made by the makers of Old Blue Boy. Still "thick" for a brandy this drink has a more traditional flavour with the hint of cherries. Although this is an excellent sample of brandy it is overshadowed by their other product. Good potency. **

Vyonnes' Sparkling Wine - This Glantrian white wine is heavily exported throughout the Known World. It is sought after by all people of wealth and influence for its light, sweet flavour. Good potency ****

Leon's Dry - This is a Glantrian red wine. This wine has a dry, heavy flavour that locals prefer. A very fragrant wine that needs to "breathe" first before serving. This drink is also exported as the standard Glantrian fare, and in Glantri that is mostly the case. Despite being cheap and easily made it is a quality beverage. Average potency. ***

De Vance - This is the famous Glantrian champagne. This drink will only be found in the wealthiest of establishments and homes. There really is no way to describe this marvellous beverage. It absolutely titillates the senses. Very potent. A must have. *****

De Vance's Burnt Wine - Also known as Dev's Red this is a standard brandy of exceptional quality. This brandy isn't very expensive to get. Many wizards and hin who smoke prefer to sprinkle a little brandy on the bowl and mouthpiece of their pipes and this brandy is the preferred choice outside the Shires. Good potency. ***

Of course this list isn't complete. Every village has a local beer or ale and many larger town probably boast a local winery. These make up your local brews. This list is to flesh out the more heavily exported or sought after drinks and to help springboard ideas for a better list or more ideas.