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Mystaran Drinks

by a number of people from the Mystara Mailing List


Elton's Spring Ale

Made in Elton's spring, a small village north of Threshold. The ale is a bit sweeter then other ales.

Dragon Ale

The strongest ale served in Threshold and most likely in the entire Karameikos.

Marileneve Red and Marileneve White

Made from the grapes grown by the Marileneve Vineyards. The grapes are exceptional due to the existence of a small microclimate focused on the site of Marileneve Village -- they get 50% more sunshine a year than the surrounding areas. They are both extremely tasteful wines. The Red is an especially dry wine, and is favoured by Kings and Nobles the world over. Tends to be significantly more expensive than other wines (even in Specularum), and more so the farther away you get from the source.


Glantrian Amber 4sp/mug

Quite good and not as expensive as the Vestland brew. It is brewed in Averoigne.

Liquid metal (4 different types: liquid copper, liquid silver, liquid gold, and liquid platinum)

All 4 of these are considered excellent wines and normally can only be bought by the bottle. (prices: 10gp, 20gp, 30gp, 40gp)

The downside of the liquid gold and the liquid platinum is that there is a chance of addiction involved.

Glantrian Brandy 1gp/glass

Considered the drink of special occasions. It is grown and raised and bred in Averoigne.


A recent 'novelty' item, brewed by an anonymous low-level mage in the south of New Averoigne, this beverage is only average in quality. What makes it unique is the liberal application of /Continual Light/ spells to the vines, grapes, and wine itself during the fermentation. Which adds up to a shimmering pink-to-reddish light shining from every bottle.. it's replacing candles as the centrepiece-of-choice in romantic restaurants in Glantri City.

One slight unforeseen side effect is that after copious quantities are drunk in a short time, the imbiber develops a faint sheen to his skin, outlining him quite distinctly in the dark for members of the Unseen Hand. (As a novelty item, it is expensive (10 gp per bottle), and anybody who can afford more than two bottles is an /excellent/ target, especially after he's drank them.. :) )

Northern Reaches

Vestland Dark Ale 6sp/mug

A rich brown ale with a nutty flavour. Quite popular, a tad expensive.

JD 20-20 or "Jolly Dwarf"

From The Vineyard Vales in Soderfjord.

It's a cheap and sweet wine that delivers a powerful wallop. It also delivers a hangover that can leave the most hardened warriors beating and pleading for mercy.


Elven Wine

I assume there are many brands of these wines, but they are so exotic they are only referred to as Elven Wine. Its exotic flavour makes it excellent for poisoning and my character discovered when he woke up the next morning, the elven lady gone and his purse emptied....


Dwarven Ale

Imported from Rockhome, it is probably the strongest and most potent Ale around. Dwarves from Rockhome will always prefer it to anything else, claiming that all other Ales taste like dirty water. Non-Dwarves (and those not from Rockhome) are more likely to get drunk on less. Generally 1.5 to 2 times more expensive than regular ales (except in Rockhome, where its the only Ale you can find.)

It is rumoured that certain species of mushroom or other fungus are an important flavour and potency-adding ingredients in this beverage. It is also rumoured that Dwarf brewers are not permitted to leave Dwarven strongholds without a fanatic military guard that is under orders to defend the brewer against all threats and to kill him if it appears that they cannot prevent his capture.

Of course, these are only rumours.


Curdled Slug Milk

Sulphur Water

Other types of fungal beers


Trania- Fungi "bread", egg sized, dark brown ball made from compacted foodstuffs. One trania can supply an elf enough food and water for one day.

Troll Drinks

Wood alcohol flavoured with elf blood, with two toadstools on tiny wooden sticks floating in it.

"Hoom"--distilled grain alcohol and "meat juice"--it's a meal and a drink in one.

Others & Misc.

Mustard Ale

A special drink created in and served at the Mustard Ale Inn and Tavern (located on South Street in Biazzan). A favourite among locals it has a very dry, spicy taste to it. 8sp

-New Averoigne is most popular for its wine's, and maybe for Champagne too
-Klantyre is told to be famous for some beverages... Beer and Scotch?
-Boldavia makes strong drinks from potatoes -> Vodka
-Five Shires is famous for Beer, and also products Cider and wine
-Ochalea must have rice wine (Sake)
-Alphatia most surely makes both wine and bear, And then there is the liquor made of Zzonga :)
-The weather in Thyatis is great for Wine...
-Dwarven spirits from Rockhome
-Elven wine from Alfheim..
And so forth. Probably all countries make a lot of drinks, but those must be the most famous ones...

Mead is any wine made with honey providing the bulk of fermentables instead of grape juice, although there is one type of mead that mixes honey and grape juice. The "fortification" of "meads" is a purely 20th-century invention and is a trait of inferior products--the "Mad Dog 20/20" type of "meads".

The types of mead are as follows:

Mead: Honey and water.
Metheglin: Honey, water, and spices.
Cyser: Honey, apple juice, and water.
Pyment: Honey, pear juice, and water.
Hippocras: Spiced cyser or pyment.
I forget what the honey/grape mix is called, but it may be considered a type of Pyment.

Mead does not have to be sweet, and some dry meads are quite excellent.


-Troll Steaks Flamberge (Glantri)

-Snowcorn from Atruaghin