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Denizens of the Dreamlands/Fey Realm

by Ripvanwormer

Athach (Master Set)—the idea is that this is Mystara's fomorian giant.
Actaeon (Master Set)—stag-headed protectors of nature
Amber lotus flowers (X2)
Archer bush (B3)—assuming Haven is part of the Fey Realm
Baric (B3)
Bubbles (B3)
Coltpixy (second edition Creature Catalogue, Mystara MC, PC1)
Crab spider (confirmed as inhabitants of the Feywood in PC1)
Decapus (B3)
Diger (B3)
Dragonfly (Creature Catalogue)
Faerie (Master set)
Faux faerie (MC14)
Ghost (B3)
Ghostly horde (B8)
Giant (the Famished Giant is an inhabitant of the Feywood in PC1; he is 50 feet tall)
Giant marble snake (B3)
Goblin (this depends on your interpretation of the fey realm, but goblins are important in 4th edition's feywild and in Beyond Countless Doorways' Faraenyl)
Golem, mud (X2)
Grab grass (X2)
Gremlin (X2)—interpreted as fey in 3e, 4e, and Pathfinder, plus I'm including most of the X2 monsters
Griffon (sidhe mounts)
Hippogriff (sidhe mounts)
Hsiao (PC1)
Ice wolf (Creature Catalogue)
Imp (the Mystara MC lists wood, bog, and garden)
Jupiter blood sucker (B3)
Killer trees (X2)
Kobold (inhabitants of the Feywood in PC1, but they're a single lost band of six tricked into coming there by a sprite)
Metamorph (Master Set)—pointy-eared shapeshifting protectors of nature, perhaps descended from humans trained by pookas
Modrigswerg (The Northern Reaches)—Your mileage may vary. It might be better to use dwarven-looking sidhe instead.
Monkey, giant marmoset (B3)
Ogre (an Ogress dwells in the Feywood in PC1)
Pagan (X2)
Phantoms (X2)
Planar spider (with their planeshifting powers you can't really keep them out, unless the Feywood is non-coterminous with the Astral Plane)
Poltergeist (B3)
Protectors (B3)
Purple moss (B3)
Randara (Creature Catalogue)
Redcap (PC1)
Rock man (B8)
Sea serpent (Creature Catalogue)
Shadow (encountered in the Feywood in PC1, but it's just one that slipped in with the kobolds)
Silver warrior (Creature Catalogue—serves the faedorne)
Sprite (PC1)
Stirge (inhabitants of the Feywood in PC1)
Ubue (B3)
Wight (some versions of the Unseelie Court include undead fey—Birthright, Faraenyl, Monster Mythology, etc.)
Wooddrake (PC1)
Wraith (see wight)