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by John Walter Biles

Golems are human-formed constructs, usually created as guardians and soldiers for some wizard or priest or other ritualist. The standard golem types do not appear in Mystara, but many Mystaran golems have arisen to take their place...

Drolem, Level 24 Elite Brute
Huge natural animate (construct) XP 6050
Initiative +11 Senses Perception +13; Blindsight 12
HP 556; Bloodied 278
AC 38; Fortitude 38, Reflex 38, Will 36
Immune disease, poison, sleep, fire, cold
Saves +2 Action Point 1
Speed 6; Fly 12; cannot shift
m Claw (standard; at-will)
Reach 3; +27 vs. AC; 4d6+8 damage.
M Bite (Standard, at-will)
Reach 2; +25 vs. Reflex; 3d6+8 damage and target takes 15 ongoing damage (save ends)
Claw/Claw/Bite (standard; at-will)
Take two Claw attacks at the same or different targets. If you aim both at the same target and both hit, you may take a bite attack on the same target.
Drolem Breath (standard, Refresh 5-6)
Close Blast 4; +25 vs. Fortitude; 4d12+8 Poison damage
Bloodied Blast (Immediate Reaction; when first bloodied)
When the Drolem is first bloodied, its Drolem Breath automatically refreshes and it may immediately use the power.
M Golem Rampage (standard; recharge 5-6 )
The Drolem moves up to its speed plus 2 and can move through enemies’ spaces, provoking opportunity attacks as normal. When it enters a creature’s space (ally or enemy), the golem makes a claw attack against that creature. The creature remains in its space, and the golem must leave the space after it attacks. The golem must end its rampage in an unoccupied space.
Alignment Unaligned Languages Common (Understood)
Skills: Endurance + 26, Perception +13
Str 28 (+21) Dex 8 (+11) Wis 3 (+8)
Con 28 (+21) Int 8 (+11) Cha 3 (+8)

Drolems are fantastically rare and powerful golems made to resemble a dragon. Only the very most potent of ritual casters know how to make them. Drolems are not very bright and follow their orders as literally as possible.