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Other addictive drugs (IMC)...

by Christopher Cherrington

Shires' Blue No4, this pipe tobacco has a pleasing, soothing aroma. Not usually inhaled, most Hin just puff and make complicated images with its blue smoke (much easier to perform this trick than any other known pipe smoke). If inhaled, this smoke creates a euphoria that lasts for 1d6 hours.
During this euphoria, the users believe to have an insight to all things arcane. Their INT is boosted by 1d4 points for the first half of the euphoria, but the second half their bonus is lost, and they suffer 1d4 points lost to WIS for an equal amount of days. The Hin keep the ingredients very secretive, but it is believed to be a concoction of select herbs found naturally in the Shires and a blend of Blue No3 (a tobacco named for its blue leaves and not its smoke) and an import tobacco, possibly from Atruaghin or the elves.

Pixie Wine This concoction, despite its name, is not made by pixies (but rather from pixies, their wings especially). Orcs love this hard to get item, and its the orcs that specialise in its creation. Imbibing in these sweet fluids, will not only get you incredibly drunk (usually on the first sip), but will often leave you with the belief that you can fly (possibly a side effect from some curse a captured pixie made before he expired in the process of creating this wine). Not any more addictive than regular wine or ale, dwarves that have found this concoction on several very flat orcs by a cliff, have become especially fond of this stuff and some very entrepreneurial dwarves are even beginning to trade for Pixie Wine (thinking that pixies make it, as it is to sweet and tasty to come from an orc).