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Druidic Knight

by Adamantyr

Druidic Knight (Fighter Class)
Attribute Requirements: Strength 13, Constitution 14, Wisdom 13, Charisma 13
Prime Requisites: Strength, Wisdom
Alignment: Neutral
Races Allowed: Human, Elf, Half-Elf

This class was originally described in Dragon #177 for the D&D rules system, and has been expanded and revised here for AD&D 2nd Edition rules. Some text paraphrased from same article, originally written by Bruce Heard.


The Druidic Knight is a form of true neutral paladin that originates from the realm of Robrenn on the Savage Coast, in the world of Mystara. They have adopted the philosophy of the druids, the honour code of a knight, and the faith and loyalty of a paladin. They must swear fealty to a prince, king, or emperor faithful to the ways of the druids. (Very rare in any world.)

Druidic Knights cannot use metallic weapons, shields, or armour. Doing so at any point will cause them to revert to a regular warrior until they pay proper penance and service to the Druids for at least one full year. It is only by their will that the Knight shall regain his former status, and if he does not do so he will be considered an exile within the kingdom. They use wood weapons and armour magically sharpened and hardened by the druids. These items are usually lacquered or varnished, and include curvilinear decorations, delicate leaf carvings, and fine scrollwork tooled into the wood. The knight must repay the druids for these items, usually in terms of several years of routine service when not called upon by his liege lord.

The ethos of the Druidic Knight is faith and honour to nature and the environment. Like a druid, they are concerned with the cycle of life and the proper order of nature. Unlike a druid, however, a druidic knight is sworn to uphold the honourable ideals of the chivalric knight, which include the protection of state and kingdom from attack. In many ways the druidic knights are the result of a more organized government dominated by druids. While they still hold themselves above the tenets of good and evil, they dedicate themselves to preserving balance by assuring that the kingdom and those who follow the druids stays intact. If the kingdom ever strays from the druidic path, then the druidic knights will unerringly side with the druids and consider themselves released from their feudal oaths.

Aside from defence and feudal obligations, most druidic knights spend their adventuring days on quests for druids or their liege lords. Very rarely they may take up a quest for personal enlightenment. Druidic knights do not seek wealth typically, doing so for any reason but to raise money for the good of the state is frowned upon.

Druidic knights are rare, and uncommon at best in the kingdom of Robrenn. They typically are formed into companies, although solitary knights are also known. The king of Robrenn is usually a druidic knight. Druidic knights begin attracting followers after 9th level, and can construct a stronghold similar to a warrior, although they must always have a druid to advise them in matters. The maximum level of experience possible for a druidic knight is 15th level, due to the constraints of learning both druidic and paladin values and abilities.


Druidic Knights use the Paladin Experience Point Table, Hit Dice, and THAC0 for advancement. They are forbidden to use any weapon forged from metal, all their armour, shields, and weapons must be made of wood, bone, or any 'natural' materials. Typically such weapons are magically hardened and enchanted by druids to make them of equal effectiveness to metal weapons. They may choose proficiencies from the General, Priest, and Warrior lists. They cannot specialise in a weapon proficiency, but can have expertise if the optional rules from Player Options: Combat & Tactics are used. Druidic Knights do not gain an experience point bonus for high attributes.

All Druidic Knights have the following abilities:

They can detect dangerous situations and creatures. This requires a single round of concentration and has a range of 60 feet. The Druidic Knight can detect any dangerous creature or being with evil intent towards himself or his companions.

They can identify plants, animals, and pure water with perfect accuracy. They gain this ability after attaining 5th level.

They can pass through overgrown areas, such as thick thorn bushes, tangled vines, briar patches, and so forth. They can move at their regular movement rate without leaving any kind of trail. They gain this ability after attaining 7th level.

They are immune to charm spells cast by woodland creatures. This includes dryads, nixies, and so forth. They gain this ability after attaining 10th level.

Druidic Knights with a wisdom score of 15 or higher can cast spells. They have major access to the following spheres: all, animal, elemental, healing, plant, and weather. They have minor access to the divination sphere. Druidic Knights can use all magical items normally allowed for warriors, paladins, and druids, so long as they are not unnatural. Druidic Knights cannot turn undead.

Druidic Knights must assist any woodland being who requests aid. The only exceptions to this are if the creatures are opposed to the druidic ethos, or if the knight is already on a mission for a higher authority, in which case he can only offer a small amount of help which will not interfere in his quest. Assistance never involves the donation of money or items, only the offering of personal services for a short time.

Druidic Knight Spell Progression

Druidic Knight Level Casting Level Druid Spell Level
1 2 3 4
1-2 -- -- -- -- --
3 1 1 -- -- --
4 2 2 -- -- --
5 3 2 1 -- --
6 4 2 2 -- --
7 5 2 2 1 --
8 6 3 2 1 --
9 7 3 2 1 1
10 8 3 3 1 1
11 9 3 3 2 1
12 9 4 3 2 1
13 9 4 3 2 2
14 9 4 4 2 2
15 9 4 4 3 2