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Dwarves: Distant Related Clans and Families

by Hausman Santos

Below is a brief list of clans and families that are outside of Rockhome in colonies established for some time; part of them still maintains active diplomatic contact with Dengar. Others are either without news or have been destroyed for some time.

Tordal - ("strong hollow") These are formed in Highforge, Karameikos, around 450 BC. They have relative contact with the Rockhome families, for example, with the Stronghollow of the Wyrwarf and with the court of the king of King Everast XVI through his ambassador in Mirros - Bolto Nordenshield.

Makrest - ("broken teeth") Formed in Buhrohur, Thyatis, 1st century AC. These are led by Gilla of the family of the Blyskarats. These still maintain (although little) relative commercial contact with Rockhome.

Denkress- ("longtooth") These are formally established in AC 400, in Kildorkak. The city is named "Stormhaven"; translated to dwarven "Kildorkak", in Norwold, the colony of Kildorkak was founded in AC 386). His contact with Rockhome is infrequent. Its leader is the Evedotar Gard Rocktooth.

Barrad - ("blonde iron") They were formally established around AC 400-425; twin Clan of Denkres; founded Borneth'k'rak, twin colony of Kildorkak, AC 391.

Wurkrest - ("wyrmsteeth") They were established in Wyrmsteeth, Norwold, around AC 800. Despite their isolationism, these dwarves have strong ties with their cousins of Stormhaven, and holds some contact (with clan Ambassadors) with Rockhome. These are Lead by Wurkrest Clanmaster Baldur Borneth (also leader of the Red Hammer an elite dwarven organisation, with a few human members, mostly clerics).

Takkras - Corrupted from “Tar-Kres” (“Beard fangs”); they were formed near Arcadia, Norwold, AC 828. Ruler:Tark Takkras (Clanlord).
Duger (possibile from Dulgar, "house in the deep") These Minrothad dwarves no longer use their names from Rockhome, but have taken craft-related names like other guildsmen.Leading clans are Clan Stronghold, Clan Duger, and Clan Hewer.

Hewer/Hammar ("hammer") Most dwarves are members of Guild Hammer, named for the Hammer clan which led the exodus to Minrothad (all descendants of the original immigrants led by Darkbrow Hammer or of dwarves who followed shortly thereafter). The guild does crafts which deal with metal and stone.

Rak ("stronghold") In 828 AC they migrated from Rockhome to Glantri in search of gold; being very unwelcome there (being hunted, tortured, examined and blamed for the Plague by the mages even up to today), they departed on Guild ships to join the craftsmen of the Minrothad Isles. They settled on Fortress Island around 841 AC when the dwarven port of Stronghold was established. Important ruling member: Guild Master Thor Stronghold.

Hurgon (“cave/cavern”) They were formed in Alphatia, around AC 950; These were led by the Queen Buthra of the family of the Bofadar. They maintained relative commercial contact with Rockhome until they were destroyed when the Alphatian continent sank in 1009 AC.)

Certainly each of these families and their members (which has conducted a thorough research between the original publications and the fanon materials that have developed a bit more of Rockhome) can be seen in the "Dwarven Families Extended" article published in Threshold Magazine Issues # 18 and # 19

This article and the previous one (published in Threshold Magazine issue # 16 "Updates for your Rockhome Champaign") was the result of the updating and detailing of this scenario in conversation with Giulio Caroletti and other members of the Old Almanac Team for the construction of the Mystaran Almanac AC 1020 which is in production.