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Death Chariot

by Robin

Another Glantrian Magical spell with an awesome use...and game effect...mimicking the old Dracula movies

I imagine this to be the major transportation device of Prince Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany of Boldavia, Baron of Igorov, Viceroy of Tchernovodsk, or Prince Brannart McGregor of Klantyre, Viscount of Crownguard, Sir Boris Gorevitch-Woszlany, Baron Youri Ivanov of Palatinsk , Viscount Jadzia of Essuria (Denagoth), Baron Laszlo Wutyla of Mariksen, Baron Piotr-Grygory Timenko of Kutchevski...all of the secret Necromancer Craft.

created 964AC by a combined effort of several Necromancer Craft members.
7th level Necromantic Conjuration spell
Range: 25 feet
Duration; Special
Effect: Special
Saving Throw: None
Components: A bit of wood and a bone from a Horse and a Human
Several Necromancers spent years researching a spell to Conjure a Chariot that resembles the legendary Death Chariot legends of several nations. They, must have cared for prestige and appearance—the Chariot doesn’t seem very useful, considering the substantial power required to cast it. The spell creates a black wooden Chariot with golden (or copper) adornments (normally used for transport of the dead to a graveyard or alike). At 10 feet long by 8 feet wide, the chariot holds three to four passengers inside and eventually one seated passenger next to the driver on top. An amount of 10.000cn of equipment could be taken on the Chariot (4000cn under the deck sheets at the back and 6000cn on top). The Chariot is driven by a seemingly alive human dressed in a dark cloak (Charisma 8). (A nonmagical driver may be included, but is not part of the spell). This darl cloaked character speaks seldom, knows nothing important (or doesn’t reveal any information) and even Divination spells will not reveal any information about this character or the journey, the Chariot or its creator. The only information the character reveals are questions like: “Are you-name character?”,” Enter, the master awaits!”, ”Hurry, there is not much time!”, “We have a long journey ahead!”, etc.. Its enchanted nature causes the craft to glow with a fearful Radiance most cultures find disconcerning and fearful.
The virtually indestructible Conjured Chariot moves over any area (except water, which it can’t cross) so smoothly that is always travels as if riding on a road (speed reductions only by slowing down, or weather implements, barriers, and such). If the caster wants the Chariot to drive continuously on maximum speed it will do so. The Chariot is pulled by 2 or 4 Black Stallions, Skeletal Horses, or Nightmares (caster’s choice). These creatures are Conjurations as the Chariot and will disappear when the spell ends. The Chariot will have a basic movement of 120’/40’ which can be increased by 10’ per level of the caster. The Chariot is impervious to any attack, except holy water (although 10 +1 dose per level of the caster are needed), which will instantly dispel it. The Chariot will cause an eerie cold fog to appear in a radius of 1 mile per level of the caster, where all creatures will become anxious in such a way, they are less easily surprised(-1). The Chariot makes normal sound when heard from outside the Chariot, and outside sounds will penetrate normally to within, but inside sounds will not leave the Chariot. This effect doesn’t affect the drivers seat or when any of the doors is opened.
The Chariot provides a luxurious and impressive way to be transported. A Vampire inside the Chariot doesn’t have to be fearful for the light of the sun, as long as he keeps the curtains closed, it will not penetrate to within. The curtains will not open accidentally, or by movements of the Chariot. This also provides a dark and restful place for any within. If they sleep in the Chariot, they will be so relaxed that they heal naturally at double the normal rate. The caster can choose to negate this effect of the Chariot, if he intends to do; then the characters will have such a bumpy ride, that they are exhausted when finally leaving the Chariot. Under these circumstances will no natural healing take place, and the characters will (even if they slept the whole time) not be able to rememorize any spells.
The Chariot has a duration of 2 days per level of the caster, or until it reached its final destination or until the second new moon, whichever is first. The driver knows this and will always be hasty and impatient. When the Chariot is expired it will seem to be fading away in the mists. When dispelled, while it is driving, all on and within will fall to the ground and take 1d20 points of damage from the fall and abrasions and must make 2 Constitution checks (modified by Dexterity bonuses and penalties) to see if they haveband how many broken bones. They will roll as many feet forward in the direction the Chariot went as the caster h of the Death Chariot has levels, and so can fall into a cliff, rock side, and so on, with further effects. This spell can be made permanent, but even then it will disappear after the normal duration has passed, but in this case will the chariot reappear when the caster ( and only he) concentrates for one round on the reappearance of the chariot.
Every time the chariot appears or disappears, a large cloud of eerie cold fog will also come into existence with a radiance of 100 yards per level of the caster and a sight of 100-1 yard per level of the caster, so it does obstruct sight, but not like that of a Fog Cloud spell. The fog is not completely opaque. The fog will remain in existence for 1 unit per level of the caster. A unit lasts 1 Turn while the sun is shining (this means the very moment direct sunlight comes forth), and will take 3 Turns at night or during full moon (including the preceding and following days). Example: a 30th level Necromancer could create a fog bank of 3000 yards with a sight of 70yards maximum, which lasts for a total of 30 time units. If he did cast the spell 3 hour before sunrise, (this is 3x6 is 18 Turns at night , then from sunrise 6 time units being 14 Turns ( 14 time units while the sun shines). Which indicates that the fog will last for a two hours and two turns into day time. The appearance if the Chariot will vary slighty by each caster,as such no two chariots are alike. The appearance can’t be changed ever once this spell is cast. As such each chariot can be recognized as to whom it belongs.