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BECMI Death Knight

by Bruce Heard

Death Knight*: AC 0, HD 9***** (8-sided dice), MV variable (90' (30') up to 120' (40') depending on enc.) , AT 1 weapon, D by weapon (80% a magical sword), Save F9; Size M (6 tall), Str 18, Int 17-18, ML 12, AL C.
Abilities: Can't be turned or dispelled, though it is affected by a holy word spell. It can affect other undead using the mechanics on Undead Liege and Pawns, as a Level 7 undead. It is 75% anti magic and can turn magic at its caster if the roll is 11 or less. Often rides a nightmare. At will: cause fear 5' radius, wall of ice, detect magic, and detect invisibility. Twice a day each: dispel magic and attempt to summon a random demon (75% chance). Once each per day (as a level 20 magic-user): any single power word, a symbol spell, and a fireball. Speaks 3-6 languages other than common.