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The Dunael

by James Mishler

The Dunael are one of the cultures that I developed for my own campaign; and yes, they are the inhabitants of the Confederation of Dunadale (the Dunael are "Brythonic-Scots"; their cousins, the Danoia ("Irish") are the natives of the "Province of Redstone", the Caerda ("Scots-Gaelic") inhabit the forests of the Shadow Coast; and the Hinterlanders, or Kymrae, inhabit the jungles of northern Davania ("Welsh-Cimmerian", ala Howard)). I don't recall that the Dunael were ever mentioned in Canon, and I'm fairly certain that I made the name up myself, but Bargles posts make me wonder. However, the name "Dunael" seems to be a reasonable derivation of the name "Dunadale" (probably "Brown-Dale", originally found in module M5, "Talons of Night" by Paul Jaquays), so independent invention on the part of several peoples would not be unusual. Bargles history of the Dunael (via the Dianechtii, etc.) is quite unusual, though inspired. As to the Celtic nature of the Dunael vis a vis the MacGregors and other Crownguards, well, the land of Araterre is a "Parallel" of Mystara's, and numerous other names and places have parallels throughout the multiverse; I never let it worry me (if I ever get around to describing the Daumancer ("Normans"), the relationship between the Crownguards and Dunael will become clearer). My own history of the Dunael will follow in several posts hereafter; the first group will cover 3000 BC through 1700 BC; later posts will cover later history...