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History of the Dunael Peoples

by Thomas Forsyth

The Lost Tribe of the Dianechtii

In 950 BC, a Nithian tribe, known as Dianechtii (after their leader, Dianeckett), ask Pharaoh Answarhotep X to colonise the Eastern Lands (Skothar's Jennite remnants). Pharaoh grants Dianeckett and his family conquest rites and off they go. As the twenty-five tribesman, with 400 slaves, starts to settle an abandoned and partially destroyed village, the aggressors (who destroyed the village originally) attack the tribe. In retaliation, Dianechtii (a priest of Pflarr) polymorphs their leader into an auroch. The attackers drop their weapons and bow down to the settlers, claiming they were sent by Ordana.

The original villagers were responsible for releasing an ancient beast (a mortal form of Tianecht, entropic hierarch and king of the Night Dragons 'also Synn's father) from a 250,000 year imprisonment in a mirror of life-trapping. The beast was released by a mysterious woman (Synn) from the village of Dunarten(the village that was settled by the Dianechtii). The beast (a black dragon unable to escape his mortal form unless he dies naturally 'in 12,000 years and if he were killed, he'd revive in a few rounds') entered the village of Belenine and levelled it. He killed the general and took his form. Then, he led his (the general's) troops to attack Dunarten. Dunarten was destroyed and three hours later, the general learned of the Dianechtii's presence and led a counter-attack only to be transformed into an auroch.

That night, the auroch was killed in a celebration of salvation. To further the celebration, Dianeckett revived the dead villagers with the help of ten other priests of Pflarr. The Belanine told the tale of the beast who was trapped in the mirror of the ancients. According to the legends, Ordana gave the mirror to the Dunarten so they could guard the mirror and keep the beast imprisoned.

As soon as the auroch was killed, the ground began to shake and smoke started to form. Once the smoke cleared, a middle-aged black dragon appeared and the natives ran. At that moment, the priests (11) and wizards (9) joined together and cast a very powerful curse on the dragon. Tianecht was polymorphed into a human baby and transported well into the future.

The next few years were peaceful as Ordana worshipping neo-Jennites surrendered to the great vanquisher, giving a great kingdom for Dianeckett. In 880 BC, a feeble 110 year old Dianeckett achieved Immortality, under Ordana's patronage, as his first great-great-grandson was born (different condition on this quest). Again, in 500 BC, the Spell Of Oblivion erased the Dianechtii's memory of Nithia. The culture began to resemble the Ordana worshipping Jennites of pre-Nithian times. Dianeckett became Dianecht and the Dianechtii became the Dunael. At the same time, Alphatian expansion caused the Dunael villages(now clans) to have a conference. The vote was evenly split among the Dianecht worshippers and Ordana worshippers. The Ordana worshippers opted to settle the Isle of Dawn, while the Dianecht worshippers decided to stay.

The Dianecht worshippers were fighting a losing war and the Alphatians conquering Clan McLogan in 320BC. They remained as slaves until 2 AC, when they were given to Thyatis as a truce offering. The Thyatians granted them land in north-western Thyatis. In 45, Laird Angus Matchetos of Clan Machetos was granted a barony (Machetos).

The Bellar-Clarans

In one town in Hattias, during 135 AC, three brothers(Bellor, Claurer, and Nutuen) ruled the town of Vanyaburg. This town was protected by Vanya and Tarastia from Thanatos and his hate spreading. Of course, Duke Johann Oberstarr of Hattias found the tolerance unbearable. He recommended that Vanyaburg's citizens be relocated to settle Ordania on the Isle of Dawn.

The Vanyaburgese came to Ordania and made an alliance with Earl Orgintetorix of Ordania. After a few centuries, the two cultures were inter-mixed and became one, the Belar-Clarans. Their happy reign would go on until 450 AC, when they missed their tribute for the fourth time

The Dunael Conquest

The Dunael watched in horror as their cousins became more and more Hattian. At the same time, Princeps of the Senate, Osbert McLogan, made a resolution to have the Dunaelese conquer Bellar-Clara. The vote was unanimous and the 73 year old Osbert led the conquest with great success. His son-in-law, Kempius Karameikos, took over his (Osbert's) Senate seat and later became Baron of Machetos. He cut taxes to promote growth in his state and the growth was so high, the Emperor made him a Count.

As for Osbert, he conquered Bellar-Clara and forced them to go westward for newer and greater hopes.