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Danger at Dunwater

by Tristan Dunigan

Use the Danger at Dunwater (U2) module with modifications as a follow-up to U1:

A colony of Snappers have recently re-established possession of a ruined stronghold, abandoned many years before. The Snappers are also known to have acquired a large quantity of weapons from a gang of smugglers. The members of the Town Council of Ciudad Tortuga are fearful of these developments lest their little fishing village is to be the target of aggression for which the Snappers are obviously preparing. The Council approaches the adventures to continue their service to the town by ridding it of the Snapper menace! (Snapper Menace....sounds like a movie, eh?)

Unknown to the Town Council, the Snappers are not planning of attacking Ciudad Tortuga. Rather they are anxious to rid the area of an invading hoard of Sahuagin. The problems could be further amplified by internal dissent, thought as yet this dissent has not come into the open. Some of the Snappers do indeed want to attack and occupy Ciudad Tortuga and let the Sahuagin simply have the territory they occupy presently. These dissenters dare not oppose their chief yet, but if his authority was removed, they would make their feelings known in no uncertain manner.