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by Giulio Caroletti

Area: 71'000 km sq approximately

Population: 280'000 humans (99% Tangors). Capital : Durhan (pop. 36'300)

Languages: Tangor (Durhanian dialect)

Coinage: Plant (gp), Animal (sp), Mineral (cp)

Taxation: System base on wealth, from 5% to 40% of annual income

Industries: Agriculture (bananas, cocoa, cacao, manioca)

Government type: Democratic confederacy

Important Figures: President Biko M'tala

The Republic of Durhan occupies the northern part of Tangor, a rich part of sub-tropical forest where they are able to sustain themselves cultivating tropical fruit plants and selling them to the surrounding nations. Durhan faces dangers at its west, where they border with the Goblands, although the relations shift often depending on the whim of the humanoid chiefs. At the southeast, the land gives way to the dangerous jungle area of Cymru.

The Republic of Durhan is free from the Empire of Tangor since AC 701, when the population decided for independence in the referendum set by Emperor Swahimi. The Republic is a confederation of many small provinces (the Constitution created a province for each of the Durhanian tribes), each of whom sends a representant to the Council of Elders. The Council meets in Durhan, where decisions concerning all the Republic (wars, foreign policy, taxations) are taken.

The Durhanians are another fierce and proud Tangor population. They call themselves the True Ones, in opposition to all other Tangors, except Tangormen, which they respect because they have been able to impose their culture on others, and not sheepishly accepted the other's sovereignty. The Durhanian politicians, however, plot whatever they can to bring the downfall, or at least the weakening, of their too strong and dangerous neighbour.