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Duumtor 2300 BC

by Sean Meaney

You likely know of Fort Doom located in the far west of Karameikos...but the silent hill predates the vile Barony.
Now you can employ this blank poster map as the background for what ever you desire to put on or in the shadow of the duumtor.

Duumtor 2300BC: Boag's Ear

Boag's Ear is an iron age village located on the duumtor. Boag and his people live in fear of the horrors of the world. In the bog filled depression below the Duumtor the Witch, Black Anns harvests the poisonous Wolfsbane. Boag climbs down the cliff by hidden footholds a path only known to him when he desires the witch's advice. The witch dips a pointed stick in crushed wolfsbane as a weapon.

Effect: death in 1d4 +2 hours. No saving throw. Neutralize poison spell required within 2 hours to avoid death.

The Stone Circle
The trail east from Boag's Ear passes through a circle of large rough stones. Any undead passing through the stone circle will develop a blue aura (faerie fire).