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Map of Davania

by Francesco Defferrari from Threshold Magazine issue 5

Map of Davania in 72 miles per hex

Here is the updated political map of Davania I’ve done for issue 5 of Threshold Magazine

It contains essentially all the information on Davania from canon and fanon sources I could find1, and some novel information developed in this very issue.

It is an enlarged version of Geoff Gander and Thorf’s2 original maps, i.e. I made Davania bigger, particularly in the north-south direction, otherwise the continent would not have reached the South Pole (because Geoff worked with the “smaller Mystara” as presented in the HW boxed set, as he explained in his article3). The presentation of Mystara as a planet smaller than Earth however was later discarded by the community4 as it contradicts other canon sources. This map therefore assumes that Mystara has a global dimension similar to Earth, and I also added the island of Evergrun as imagined by the Italian mystaran community5. Obviously others could disagree with some or all the assumptions above, but I like to have a bigger Davania, as bigger means more land, more nations, more creatures and more adventures. So I here present you my map of Davania, a map I couldn’t have done without the work of many people in the mystaran community. Credit is due to all them, in particular to Bruce Heard, Geoff Gander (Seer of Y’hog), Michele C. (LoZompatore), Simone Neri (Zendrolion), Christian Constantin (Laokong), Alex Benson, Havard, Thibault Sarlat, Steven Wilson, Jeff Daly, John Calvin (Chimpman), Thorfinn Tait, Ethan Deneault, Sean Meaney, Andrew Theisen and all the others who have dreamt of Davania.

Map of Davania

1 Info you can mostly find here on the Vaults: under the sectionDavaniaor in recent threads on the Piazza:

2 Geoffs original maps are stored on the Vaults under the appropriate davanian region, while Thorfs combined replica can be found here:

3 Check his article on page 8 of this issue.

4 Several threads are listed here:, under Mapping Issues.

5 The map of Evergrun was drawn by LoZompatore, expanding on previous works done by Zendrolion: