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Sentient Races of Davania

by Geoff Gander

Humans are the dominant species in the far north and northeast of Davania (Thyatian Hinterlands, Jungle Coast (Yasuko and Manacapuru tribes), Meghala Kimata Plains, Cestia, and the northern Aryptian Savannah, but they are a minority elsewhere. Significant human populations can be found in the Lost Valley region (Niscosenia) and Nivall (Pelatan region), as well as the northern and eastern shores of the Adakkian Sound (e.g., Nieuw Bergdhoven/Cap Saimpt Renard). Very small minority groups exist in Platea and Vulcania.

Dwarves exist in very small numbers in the Thyatian Hinterlands (colonists from Thyatis), but are basically unknown. The only known dwarven nation in Davania of any significance would be Duergor.

Elves exist in considerable numbers in the far south (Vulcanian Peninsula and the southern polar regions), as well as Kwythellar in the northwest. The island of Everfeed is also inhabited by elves, but these are a very reclusive lot.

Halflings originated in the Brasol region of Davania, and can still be found there in small numbers; although the centre of their civilisation has since moved east to Platea.

Gnomes are a dominant race in the far south (Vulcania), and are significant in the Lost Valley region. Small communities exist in Platea.

Orcs are also dominant in the Jungle Coast (Bogdashkan tribes), northwestern Davania (Mogluur, Alol), and very common in the Meghales Amosses Desert and the Vulcanian Peninsula. Significant populations are found on the western and southern shores of the Adakkian Sound.

Rakasta are dominant in the southern Aryptian Savannah, and significant populations exist on the Meghala Kimata Plains and in the Meghales Amosses Desert. Populations exist west of the Adakkian Sound, but Francesco would know more about these.

Goblins predominate in northwestern Davania (Markresh, Kresh), and communities exist elsewhere, but are otherwise likely a marginal species.

Reptillian races (lizard men and troglodytes) are dominant in the Amalur Lowlands, and significant populations exist in the Adakkian Sound basin (Klath-Tízarth, others) and the Jungle Coast. Northwestern Davania (Ka, Shain, etc.) is also a centre of reptilian civilisation. I would note that these races dominated much of the continent for millennia, and many tend to regard humans, elves, and humanoids as scavengers picking over the bones of their fallen empires.