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Divergan borders

by Alex Benson

I'll have to look those Plateau materials over. If need be, I can pull back the Divergan borders a bit by dropping some of the outlying Kenaton River Havens. I do need a bit of a refresher as to where the Snartans are. I thought I had a map with them but I have no idea where it is. Also, does anyone have any information (canon or otherwise) on location #4 noted on Geoff's Map? And while I am asking, any information on the lake and two green patches in the Ice Peaks?

Here are two maps of the Divergan Region. The first is an overlay showing the Divergan borders (outlined in red) as well as the individual Havens (in black). The color map is Geoff Gander's and those borders were drawn back in 1999...according to the file's date.

The second map was based on Geoff's map. I removed the hex detail and color and added my own topography features and settlements. I've noted some of the neighboring peoples. The Amazon tribes are human, female dominated tribes. I was thinking about moving them to the east towards Vanya's Rest. The Uterma are the Lillend and they are basically trapped within a bulge along the Divergan eastern border. I'm thinking about eventually having them migrate ahead of the inevitable Divergan invasion. The Trakist are a sentient insect race that have established nests beneath the desert sands. Their locations are generalized. The DAK settlements are Divergan desert patrol outposts. The Free Gnomes are a spin-off of the Peghardt Gnomes. Basically, the gnomes are establishing a new Peghardt homeland in the desert. The Divergans think they are looking for the Bunker...which the gnomes probably wouldn't mind finding out about. They are sort of based on the Fremen from Dune.