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Dwarves outside Rockhome

by Håvard

I have never been happy with the limited scope given to dwarves if we are to take the Rockhome gazetteer literally when it comes to the existence of dwarves outside of Rockhome. In the quote above James mentions some ideas for how we could have dwarves outside of Rockhome.

If we allow for "Other seedings" of the Dwarven race, either by Kagyar or other Immortals, what possibilities would that open? Not only does it allow us to have more dwarves, who are one of the main Fantasy tropes, outside of the Known World, but it would also allow us to have more variants of dwarf culture or even subraces if we want to.

With my current pet project of the Thonia area, I am hoping to develop the Mountains of Thorin and the Bay of Thorin as a dwarf dominated area with both Mountain dwarves and Coastal Dwarves (Cliff Dwarves).

Here are some more ideas for Dwarf subraces/Cultures:
* Highland Dwarves: These Hill dwarves live outdoors near the footholds of the mountains, as they were driven from their mountain halls by evils they carelessly released from stony prisons. Now they are kilt wearing, bagpipe playing clans with a haunted legacy.
* Feral Dwarves: These dwarves have reverted to half beasts. They ride Dire Wolves and hunt goblins in the darkest forests.
* Frost Dwarves: These dwarves made a pact with the Immortals of winter in order to survive the atomic winter that came with the end of the Great Rain of Fire. They are a blue-skinned race which lives in the northernmost realms of Skothar and Brun.
* Lava Dwarves: These dwarves dug into the volcanoes themselves, but were able to survive through the blessings of Rathanos. They are immune to fire damage and use weapons made out of obsidian.
* Mist Dwarves: These dwarves were seeded by Nephele and are able to turn into mist to escape their enemies.
* Water Dwarves: We already have these on Ierendi. Sort of.
* Desert Dwarves: We already have these in Ylaruam.
* Jungle Dwarves: These dark skinned dwarves have powerful witch doctors among their ranks and live in the jungles of Davania.