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Dwarven clans and cultures

by Giampaolo Agosta

While we are discussing Dwarves, here is a list of the canon and non canon dwarven clans and cultures. Population figures are from canon sources, where available, or estimates when possible (for the SC dwarves, estimates are based on population estimates for the SC using Bruce Heard's economics spreadsheet).

Canon Dwarves:

Denwarf (Everast, Torkrest, Syrklist, Hurwarf, Skarrad, Buhrodar and Wyrwarf clans): Rockhome, KW; 500000 in Rockhome, plus many traders and workers in Ylaruam, Karameikos and Ethengar.
Modrigswerg: Northern Reaches, KW; unknown numbers, but likely only a small population.
Norse Dwarves (dwarven outcasts in Vestland and Soderfjord): Northern Reaches, KW; mostly individual exiles from Rockhome.
Buhrohur: Thyatis, KW; 15000 in Buhrohur + at least 5000 more in other areas of Thyatis (e.g., Kerendas).
Norwold Dwarves (colonists from Rockhome): at least 10000 (and likely not many more than that).
Alphatian Dwarves: Stoutfellow, Alphatia; 30000, almost all in Denwarf-Hurgon.
Minrothaddan Dwarves (Stronghold clan): Fortress Island, Minrothad, KW; estimate 20000, mostly in Stronghold.
Stronghollow: Highforge, Karameikos, KW; 1000.
Montoya: Savage Baronies, SC; 2000.
Smithy: Dunwick, Bellayne and Cimarron, SC; 6000.
Harstal: Eusdria, SC; 20000.
Avernos: Robrenn, SC; 9000.
Kogolor: Kogolor Dwarflands, HW; 500000.

Non-canon Dwarves:

Dwalendar: Højgylden, Skothar; 12000.
Filwarf: Isle of Dawn; unknown population.
The Forgotten Clan: Northern Davania; 200.
Sons of Rock: Heldannic Territories, KW; unknown population.

Total estimated dwarven population of Mystara: 1,200,000