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Delivane's Books of Dweomer:

by Carl Quaif

Before opening up her "Museum of Curiosities" on Sclaras Island, the young Delivane Crookback devoted many years to collecting and transcribing unusual spells of all types - Magical, Clerical, even Druidic - into spellbooks. She eventually became famous for her vast collection of lore, so much so that more time was spent in defending it than enlarging it - which was why, when one became available, she decided to relocate to an (easily-defended) Estate on Sclaras.

The following spells represent a tiny smattering of the lore Delivane has collected during the years. These enchantments (and two Druidic prayers) might also be discovered by an adventuring party during various campaigns.

Sun Trap
Level: 2
Range: 70'
Duration: Special
Effect: Traps sunlight
This is a spell from ancient Milenia, lost for centuries on the surface but still prevalent in the Hollow World Milenian Empire.

The spell stores the power of the sun for later use. A small bronze hand-mirror - of the type often carried by adventurers - is required as a focus; additionally, the spell may only be cast in bright sunlight. The caster hold the mirror above his head while standing out in the sun, chanting the spell under his breath. For every 15 uninterrupted minutes of exposure, 1 "charge" of solar energy is stored in the mirror - a caster cannot store more die of power than he has levels.

At any time during the next 48 hours, the caster may hold the mirror before him and recite the command word (chosen during casting); the mirror will belch forth a bolt of brilliant sunlight, which causes 1d6 hp damage per "charge" to one individual target. Vampires and their ilk take an additional 2 hp of damage per die from the concentrated sunlight. The mirror is exhausted of Sun Trapped power after one bolt is fired - the caster cannot release part of the stored energy, reserving the rest for later. A Save vs. Spells for half damage is allowed (only applicable to normal damage; Vampires still take 2 hp extra damage, even if they Save).

The same mirror may be used indefinitely as the spell focus, if desired.

Death's Arrow
Level: 3
Range: 150'
Duration: Special
Effect: 1 missile
This spell is an unusual and powerful variant of the standard Magic Missile spell. It creates only one, single missile, which causes 1d6+1 hp damage, as normal. However, each round after striking, the magic flares up within the target, causing an additional 1d4+1 hp damage every round. This continues until either the spell is Dispelled, the target dies, or the duration expires - the spell lasts for two rounds, plus one round for every two levels above 3rd (3 rounds at 5th, 4 at 7th, etc). A healing spell (anything from Cure Light Wounds to Heal) will both repair damage to the target, and place the Death's Arrow effect into abeyance for as many Turns as the level of the spell (i.e. 1 Turn for Cure Light Wounds, 4 Turns for Cure Serious Wounds, etc). Once this period expires, the Death's Arrow resumes its damage-dealing from the point it was interrupted.

The Death's Arrow spell was devised by the Forester Vodelle Holvath, whose scout-party were wiped out by a renegade Ylari Wizard, called Kolek Al-Dharan, and his bandit horde in 902 AC. Unable to match him in spellcraft, but far superior with a weapon, she created this spell to cause continual damage to its target, depriving him of spellcasting abilities (since the pain and shock of repeated injury can easily spoil spellcasting attempts), making him easy meat for her blade. This is considered by the Vyalia to be her signature spell; however, it is also classed by some as "revenge-magic".

Hand of Glory
Level: 1
Range: 30' radius
Duration: 6 Turns
Effect: Creates light
This interesting version of the Light spell is believed to have been developed originally by a Thief-Mage of the Sidhe, many centuries in the past. Until recently, it was known only by members of the Sidhe, the Felarian family of Alfheim (a Sidhe-descended minor Elven clan), and a few scattered individual Elves and Magi.

When casting, the Mage holds his right hand in the air. The spell draws energy from both within the Mage himself and from his surroundings and coalesces it about his hand, emitting a soft, unearthly light which nevertheless illuminates up to the normal range for a Light spell.

At any time during the spell's duration, the caster may will the light to leave his hand and enter an inanimate object, such as a pebble or a patch of wall - he must touch the object to effect the transfer. This is a one-way shift; the light cannot be recovered once it is transferred. This spell cannot cause blindness in others.

The reverse of this spell is called the Left Hand of Darkness; cast on the left hand instead of the right, it creates an equal area of Darkness, and may likewise be transferred into an inanimate object. Strangely, certain Wizards in the Shadowelf nation have had access to this version of the spell for centuries now, which suggests that the apocryphal Sidhe originator may have been more widely travelled than was once believed...

Shell Shock
Level: 3
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 Turn, or see below
Effect: Electrifies armour
The original version of this spell was devised, hundreds of years ago, by spellcasters of the Tortle race on the Savage Coast. This spell - and others like it - were designed as "passive attacks" against belligerent humanoid raiders.

In its first form, the spell caused the Tortles' shells to take on an electrical charge; if struck by a metallic melee weapon, that charge would be transferred to the attacker, causing damage. The spell was later adapted (by human Magi working with the Lawful Brotherhood) to allow a Mage to electrify metallic armour in the same way.

The electrical aura does 1d6 hp of damage per level of the caster; the maximum damage it can cause is 20d6 hp. Anyone touching the armour with bare hands feels a harmless tingling sensation. The first metallic weapon to strike the armour (which causes normal damage to the bearer of the spell) receives full damage from the spell (no saving throw, since he is "voluntarily" subjecting himself to the spell by attacking). Once discharged, the spell has no further effect.

Only Plate, Banded and Chain Mail (and Field Plate) can hold this enchantment. The electrical charge lasts until discharged; if unused, it fades away 1 Turn after casting. The spell must be cast on a suit of armour which is currently being worn - the wearer of the armour is immune to the spell's effects.

Level: 4
Range: Touch
Duration: Special
Effect: Links up to 9 individuals
This spell, known primarily to the Druidic population of Robrenn, permits the effects of certain spells to be boosted beyond their normal parameters by linking the life-forces of the participants.

The spell requires the brewing of a herbal potion, made from the powdered bark of an Ash tree and known as "Broth of the One Grove", which is heated and drunk by the participants from a Ritual Bowl carved from Oakwood; the Bowl is the focus for the spell. For the next 12 hours, the participants are linked together on a spiritual level, and may all lend their life-energies to one of their number to boost the efficacy of her next spell. The Lifeshare is not an effective booster for all spells, although it is particularly useful for healing, divination, and animation spells (such as Mossy Servitor, below).

Once the Lifeshare has been used twice during the period, it has no further effect. No single Druid may participate in a Lifeshare more than once per month.

Mossy Servitor
Level: 4
Range: special
Duration: 3 days
Effect: Animates vegetable zombies
This spell was first used by the Druids of Robrenn nearly 500 years ago. It is called upon only for defensive purposes, when the land is in danger.

The spell requires a patch of greenery-covered land on which, at some time in the past, intelligent beings have lost their lives. A battlefield, sacrificial site, or even (as was once used) a ruined village wiped out by plague will do. The area to be affected - usually a 50'-100' diameter circle - must be marked out by drawing a furrow in the earth around it with a stick or other implement. Once cast, the spell causes the traces of life-force in the land to rise up, forming bodies out of the vegetation. These Mossy Servitors appear to be vaguely humanoid shapes made of grass, moss, wood and leaves, and have the same stats as normal zombies. A single Druid may animate 1HD of Mossy Servitors per Experience Level, although up to nine Druids may join in the ceremony (by Lifesharing their energies with the primary caster) to boost the number of Servitors which can be raised.

Mossy Servitors may move and fight only during daylight hours; when the sun goes down, they sink to the ground and remain immobile until the next sunrise. At sunset, on the third day after being animated, the spell ends; the Servitors dissolve back into a normal vegetable state, and the life-force animating them is dispersed. Once a patch of land has been used for this spell, it may never again be called on in this way. However, a single battlefield might provide several areas which can be similarly enchanted.

In keeping with the Druidic ethos, animation of Mossy Servitors is neither a Good nor an Evil act; the Druids consider it to be poetic justice, that those who died on the land should continue to serve it, even in death.