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The Dwerg: The Dire Dwarf

by Sean Meaney

The Dwerg: The word Dwei- means to fear/Dire. So these are Dire Dwarves. The Immediate ancestor of the Modern Dwarf.

AC: 3
HD: 3D8
MV: 30' (10')
AT: 1 Wpn
DA: As Wpn
NA: 0 (4d6)
SA: F3
ML: 10
TT: (Q+S) G
INT: 12
AL: Neutral
XP: 35

DESCRIPTION: These eight feet tall Meat eaters like the taste of Human yet there is another side to them. They have a greater Intelligence than the modern dwarf. perhaps the more modern- civil Dwarf is the aberration and the Dwerg is simply another member of a family tree dominated by man eaters.