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Dwarf Druid

by Sean Meaney

It intrigues me to no end to find that the Druid is something unheard of in D&D: A Prestige Class. The Idea that Neutral Clerics looking to hug a tree and commune with nature could dump god worship and meditate in the bushes for Druid Spells is always an interesting one. It only has a similarity to the Halfling Master (Five Shires Gazetteer) which is a kind of Halfling Druid. if anything it should open up the other non-human Races making this Druid-like prestige class available to them.

Dwarves could give up metal work in favor of Wood and make 'primitive' Fire-hardened wooden Weapons as they embrace the Druid in their own culture - a possible option for development of the Mordrigswerg Dwarf sub-race as they become 'black dwarves' (blackened by fire being the appropriate term describing them - having protoindoeuropean roots - which continue to be a dominant factor in the Mystara Setting).

So lets look at our Black Dwarf: As long as your Dwarf is Neutral and a Cleric (meeting the requirements of being a cleric with 13+ Wisdom) you can become a 'Dwarf Druid'. What we see here is that Clerics of Kaygar are Always Lawful - meaning a Neutral Dwarf Cleric is a Heresy - an Outcast diverging from acceptable Dwarf society.

So our Social Outcast decides that Neutrality is the Way - not the Tyranny of Law and goes off to meditate in Secret on the 'Philosophy of Neutrality'. Being a Dwarf Cleric who isn't with the Kaygar Club - he cant really hang out with other Dwarves who might turn him in so he must leave and be with Non Dwarves. optionally - more in keeping with the halfling 'Master' as opposed to human 'druid' you can have the ability to qualify as a dwarf cleric - but remain a warrior dwarf until 9th level like halflings and become a 'Master'.

So to play this 'Black Dwarf' (and do please give it a go...and do post on the results) you play a neutral philosophical Dwarf Cleric until he/she reaches the 9th level and then progresses as a Druid (or Master). Weapons open to this Dwarf are 'Primitive' fire-hardened ones - Like Bows (with fire hardened arrows)/but not crossbows, War-clubs, Spears, daggers, Fire-hardened Wooden Swords (the Japanese Novel Musashi has a Samurai who uses a fire hardened Sword). Once Druid Spells become accessible - he would be very powerful.