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I guess I'll start by posting a "new" class, developed by "Great Green God" on his website:, slightly modified by me.

The Dwarf Thorn

by Roger LV Girtman II

Class Summary
Experience Chart: Same as Dwarf
Saving Throws: Same as Dwarf
Attack Chart: Same as Dwarf
Hit Dice: 1d4 per level up to 9th level. Starting with 10th level, +2 hp per level and Constitution adjustments no longer apply.
Armour: Leather only, shields are not allowed.
Weapons: Short bows and crossbows, any one-handed melee weapon that is medium or small in size.
Special Abilities:
Racial Abilities--Infravision, extra languages (dwarf, gnome, goblin, kobold); 1 in 3 chance to detect construction-type traps, sliding walls, sloping corridors, new construction;
Fighter Combat Options--Lance Attack, set spear vs. charge;
Thieving Abilities (as Thief of same level)--backstab, open locks, find traps, remove traps, move silently, hide in shadows, pick pockets, hear noise, and read languages (starting at 4th level).