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Dymrak Goblins

by Håvard

A relatively large population of goblins is found within the borders of Karameikos. Most live in or originate from the western part of the large forest known as Dymrak. Karameikan Goblins stand about 4 ft tall. They have chalky skin and rusty brown hair.
Facial hair is uncommon, but is sometimes found among older goblins. They have flat faces, broad noses, pointed ears and small sharp fangs fill their wide mouths. Their eye colour range from red to yellow, and give off a faint red light in the dark.
Goblins mature faster than humans, but have a shorter lifespan. Few goblins live longer than 60 years.

Crude sounding names are used for males and females alike: Angmar, Arkah, Augh, Bangrah, Dguul, Huzzk, Khorgul, Marukk, Rooth, V'tamm and Zar.

Goblins speak Goblin (Dymrak dialect), and the more intelligent of their race also speak Traladaran or Thyatian.

Goblin Society
Like most goblins, Karameikan goblins are tribal.
Their leaders are the ones who are able to dominate others with physical strength and size. They have no concept of privacy, living and sleeping in large common areas. Goblins survive by raiding and stealing.
They make their lairs in ruins or caves. Sometimes other humanoids are found in the company of goblins, either as rulers or servants. Karameikan Goblins usually serve Orcus, Demogorgon or Arik.

Relations with other races.
The goblins sometimes cooperate with other humanoids, but no formal alliances have been made with any of those clans. The humans living in the westernmost parts of Dymrak are the victims of goblin raids and relations are openly hostile. Many of the goblin clans have been used as mercenaries for the Iron Ring, and the leaders of that organisation have been in close contact with goblin chieftains. The eastern tribes are mainly loyal to Argos, the green dragon dwelling in those lands. The goblins fear the elves and avoid contact with the Vyalia elves living in the far east of Dymrak.

The Major Tribes:

Wolf-Skull (Kloss-Lunk)
Chieftain: Kloss
Symbol: Wolf's Head
The Kloss-Lunk tribe is a relatively small one, particularly known for their talent for training dire wolves which are used as mounts. When a young warrior is coming of age, he gets his own dire wolf, and losing your mount is a matter of shame among the Kloss-Lunk.
They can be recognised by their wolf skin cloaks, and are usually armed with axes and spears. The Kloss-Lunk are known for their courage, and often fight to the death rather than flee. Their lair is in the Petrified Forest, deep within Dymrak. The Petrified forest is a small area within Dymrak where all the plants and even some animals have been turned into stone. It was created by one of the Witches of Dymrak, Esmeralda, a Hag with medusa-like powers. Esmeralda is allied with the Kloss-Lunk although they haven't had much contact in recent years.

Red-Blade (Gnhasska)
Chieftain: Gnhass
Symbol: Bloodied Sword
The Gnhasska tribe is recognised by their red clothing. Some times red ornaments made from feathers, shells, fruit rinds, beads and stones are used as well.
They are usually armed with short swords and slings.
Their lair is underground within Dymrak. The Gnhasska do not use dire wolves, but have instead learned to train Giant Rats which they use as guard animals.

Viper (Jaggadash)
Symbol: Snake
The Jaggadash tribe is recognised by their tradition of decorating their bodies with tattoos. The tribe symbol, the snake, is a popular pattern, but often their entire bodies are covered with different tattoos.
The Jaggadash tribe favours the use of warhammers and daggers. They are a sly tribe, favouring ambush to head on attacks. They are sometimes mocked by other tribes for being cowardly. They have an underground lair within Dymrak. The Jaggadash tribe and several minor tribes along with it have been subjugated to the control of Argos, the mighty green dragon living in the east.

Yellow-Fang (Faz-Plak)
Chieftain: Plak
Symbol: Ruined Tower
The Faz-Plak tribe once lived in the northern part of Dymrak, but moved north to the ancient Hutaaka Ruins known as Xitaqua. They are recognised by their yellow skin clothes and ornament themselves with heavy iron collars and arm bands. Their favoured weapons are short swords and bows. After moving to Xitaqua, the Faz-Plak learned to train the Semi-Intelligent Rock Baboons there. They are allied with the Bloodhead (Vlackagg) Hobgoblins also residing within Xitaqua.
The tribe has connections with the Iron Ring slavers organisation which sometimes employs them as mercenaries.