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Lords of Norwold go to Eagret

by Jeff Daly

Captain Stubby surveyed the damage to the ballroom and the midnight buffet. A look of horror was on his face.

"Uh..." began Master Terari, "It looks pretty bad, doesn't it?"

Stubby could only nod, distractedly.

Gophie, the lupin, upon seeing his master so stunned, ran up to the dwarf and began slapping him on the face.

"Sir! Sir, you've got to snap out of it!"

"Getchyer paws off me, ya worthless mutt!" Captain Stubby growled.

The lupin grinned, "Aye aye sir."

The dwarf took one last look, and turned to his first mate, Martok the barbarian.

"Well Martok, looks like we're gonna have to dock for some major repairs and an accident report."

"Indeed sir."

"Nearest facility?"

"Sir, we are very near Eagret."

"Excellent," Captain Stubby replied.

Master Terari explained for the lords' benefit, "Eagret is the capital of the Kingdom of Greenspur, and is a major shipbuilder."

Fortunately, it looks like a spell fumble gives me a great opportunity to put the characters in a situation to travel from Eagret to Sundsvall. This is good. I'll let you know what happens!