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The Lords of Norwold do Eagret

by Jeff Daly

After the terrible row with the cheese golems, which succeeded in destroying the midnight buffet, and seriously damaging the grand ballroom, the Air Ship of Love landed in the harbour at Eagret Fortunately for captain Stubby, this tall-spired city of law held significant airdocks. Unfortunately for the heroes, the airship would be a long time in drydock.

And so it was, that Count Diego, Count T, Riordan (now inexplicably a woman), Eowyn, and Aligorum stood in line waiting to disembark. The rakasta and the nobles (perhaps that is redundant?) feigned calm disinterest. Only Eowyn watched excitedly as the group received their first view of Alphatia proper.

Men and women in beautiful silk robes flew about the tall spires. Placed at various heights, were circular, or semi-circular, which the robed ones took off from or landed on. On the street, golden squares outlined places that men in cotton robes would walk to, speak some inaudible word, and disappear in a puff of smoke.

Across the harbour, a man shouted at another, "Etelbar! Etelbar you fraud!" and began conjuring.

Etelbar's initial shock was replaced by an angry glare, as he too began to move his arms and speak the words of magic.

A huge shadow warrior materialised in front of the first man, and immediately ran toward Etelbar. Etelbar finished his incantation, and a dragon surged up from the water, rocking the airship mightily. The dragon made short work of the shadow warrior, and flew quickly toward Etelbar's assailant, who beat a hasty retreat upon a broom. Etelbar chuckled to himself, spoke a word, and disappeared.

"Welcome!" The lords of Norwold had reached the end of the line, and were being accosted by a man in silk robes, a black mask painted on his face, "Welcome to Alphatia!"