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by Marco Fossati

2ed stats


Eallurin is a long sword made by an alloy of steel, silver and electrum. A white moonstone (worth at least 500 GP) is set on the hilt. Along the blade some small letters very faintly glow forming the phrase "Strength is ours"


Eallurin is a sword + 2 to attack rolls and + 3 to damage. It's an intelligent weapon (INT 16) and has an ego of 19. It's Chaotic Neutral in alignment and has the following powers: Detect Invisibility 15' radius permanently, Strength twice a day, Heal once a day. The last two powers cab be activated both by the wielder (telepathically) or by Eallurin itself if it decides so.


The sword first appeared in Traladara, around 450 AC. One group of adventurers found it during an exploration in the Dymrak Forest. They sold it to a Thyatian merchant, one Theodorus Accilius, who in turn gifted it to the Duke of Machetos. He died with no heirs and all of his goods, according to Thyatian Laws, went to the Emperor Marcus I Doranius. Eallurin so became part of the Imperial Treasury but it was seldom used by Emperors or members of the Imperial Family due its alignment. However Emperor Lucius IV Monomachus is known to having wielded it often when he himself took part of the Arena Games.
In 960 AC the Alphatian forces came to Thyatis city and stormed the Imperial Palace taking away a lot of goods, Eallurin included.
It reappeared only in 987 when a woman of Alinquin's high society found it in her bedchamber left by a mysterious man who was chasing by guards.
when she got married she sold it to a Darokinian Merchant who gave it to the captain of his guards, one Gallyn.
Gallyn was killed in 996 AC fighting goblins in Altan Tepe Mountains and Eallurin disappeared.
It was seen in 1010 wielded by General Ferral, a shadow elf lieutenant of Garafaele Galeifel, in a military parade in Aengmor. The witness was a Glantrian wizard expert in ancient items.
General Ferral died in 1013 in the Battle of Oenkmar and since then the sword's whereabouts are unknown.

For the sake of completeness I must say I've modelled this sword inspired by the sword Albruin. You can find a reference about it in Dragon #74.
Albruin is a sword of the FR setting.