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Anondson's Rearranged Known World

by Eric Anondson

Known World south

Known World north

Great Waste and Hule

Heldann moved down, Soderfjord and Vestland swapped/flipped and moved up. Ostland flipped and moved northwest. Rockhome slid northwest.

Five Shires and Karameikos flipped then slid out west.

Ylaruam moved to where Sind used to be.

Ethengar moved to the wildlands west of Glantri. Disappointed that Hexographer doesn't have more variety to make it more interesting.

Darokin mostly remolded to fill in the new gaps including Alfheim being flipped

Broken Lands being enlarged, but the hex styles of Hexographer are lacking in describing the variety of terrain there disappointingly . . .

I used Thorf's trailmaps to fill in Wendar.

Minrothad and Ierendi were also swapped.

Removing the Atruaghin clans left room for a chunk of wilderness to separate Ylaruam from the rest of the Known World. Filled with . . . who knows what, maybe gnolls? More primitive Traladarans?

I think substituting Hule as a prior occupying agent would make some sense. With the Desert Nomads series, we now have some desert nomads. Thyatis could be looked at as having a colonial interest along the south coast, Karameikos and Ylaruam would have that in common, and I liked the idea of replacing Thyatian dominion over the Five Shires instead of Dwarven . . . One long coast of a Thyatian-claimed sphere of interest and varying successes at colonizing.

Dwarves and Ylaruam pretty much have no near relationship in this placement, they could still be on fine terms, if only because they aren't neighbors. But the mountains by Ylaruam could still have clans/colonies of dwarves up in them, allowing for a continuation of that.

By swapping Ethengar to the other side, I envisioned Ethengar as upon the Adri Varma plateau. I didn't have an opportunity yet to draw in the plateau line. Swapping it to the Adri Varma, I also relocated Boldavia to that side. That valley Boldavia was in was vacated, the Boldavian locations I placed on the west slope of the Wendarian Range. That now-former Boldavian valley currently pretty much provides a straight path to one of Rockhome's entrances.

Moving Rockhome to this location seemed to bring in some excellent tension with Glantri even though it separated it from Alfhiem quite a bit. Not sure how I wanted to resolve that historical connection. I thought about locating in that gap between the mountains that gives a link between Rockhome's Karrak Castle's entrance and northern Darokin with elf clans. *shrug*

Missing the rivers makes seeing what's going on a bit harder, but I imagined a river draining out of Lake Akesoli and following around north of Alfheim into a wide valley claimed by Darokin that divides Alfheim and Broken Lands. The river meets up with the river that drains out of Glantri through the Broken Lands at around Corunglain then bends south towards the Malpheggi swamp.

I was torn with placing Selenica at the mountain pass to the new valley north of traditional Thyatis, and placing it out west of Akorros nearer Ylaruam's new location. I'm still now sure what I want to do, so it's kind open for either. Speaking of that valley north of traditional Thyatis, I was considering moving the County of Hattias to the mainland and locating it there, giving the east coast of the Known World a sort of unified Antalian people's coast, from the more civilized to the south and more barbaric the further north you go. (Hattias, Heldann, Vestland, Soderfjord, Ostland, . . .) Then the island Hattias was on I thought about relocating the County of Lucinius to. Or the valley would be yet more future Imperial Territories. I always wished Thyatis had a greater presence on the mainland continent . . .

Moving Heldann that far south separates it quite a bit from Norwold, kind of problematic I guess, and I didn't envision Landfall being down here, rather staying up in Norwold where it is I didn't envision any Norwold settlment down here so Oceansend wasn't placed. So, instead of being preoccupied with grabbing territory into Norwold, I envisioned Heldann more interested in grabbing the wilderness to the west towards Rockhome. Fill that wide valley wilderness with whatever, more "Icelandic freeholder-types" or Broken Lands affiliated humanoids. I think the only Heldann settlement I placed were Grauenberg, Hockstein, Altendorf, Freiburg, Klagen, Kaltstein, Blauendorf, Grunturn, Schwartzberg. Grauenberg is planned to be on a trail to potential-Selenica, Altendorf is planned to be on a trail to Rhoona.

I'll be getting on to the rivers and placenames soon.

Kadesh and Peshmir actually aren't intended to be there as places so much, though I borrowed the underlying geography. I envisioned that region being filled with Makistan's locations instead, so a trade trail would link Sablestone with Ylaruam by traveling through Makistan.

I got detoured while polishing up my Known World rearrangement. While moving things around, I always intended to fit Sind somewhere in the Great Waste. It kind of still needed to be there. I placed the rearranged Sind on the opposite side of the Great Waste from where it is normally. I stretched Sind out, sliding Peshmir and Kadesh along the Black Mountains with Kadesh at the Great Pass. Peshmir ends up being at the end of a trade route linking Makistan. Nagpuri gets moved to next to the Black Mountains, with its trade route connecting to Slagovich.

Jaibul takes Kladanovic's location.

I took liberties filling in Hule's terrain. Mostly farmland with some rolling hills. I filled in the terrain between Hule's Dark Wood and the Midlands Forest with a terrain type newly added to Hexographer, Shrubland. With Dark Wood described as a primeval dense oak forest, I imagined the land in between might be something of an oak savanna/shrubland.

I've been tempted to place the lands of the orange B3 in the space normally occupied by Peshmir . . . That would give it a location near enough to Glantri that it could work well enough.

Due to an initial miscalculation the Great Waste is slightly wider east-west than canon, as well as slightly taller north-south. Oops. It just made the rocky desert a bit wider and the Black Mountains a bit wider . . .