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by Ethan Deneault

The thirteen Earthshakers and their vital information are charted below:



Patrol Area

Clone Types

Proboscidameon III

Dorfin IV

Central Regions




Western Front

Female only



Southern Defence

Male only



Raw Materials Colonies

Male only



Northern Forests




Eastern Marches




Southeast Front

Male only



Central Area




Central Southeast

Male only

Eudamidas II


Northern Colonies

Male only



North-South Axis




East-West Axis

Female only



East-South Axis


Below is a short description of the most important Earthshakers, DM's feel free to describe the remaining Earthshakers.

Proboscidameon III:

Population: 300,000

Military: 50 Greater Phalanxes, infantry, 20 Greater Phalanxes, Mech. Infantry,20 Trireme-Class Assault Ships, 20 Colossus-Class Walkers, 10 Sky-Blimps

Description: The city of Snartopolis lies completely within the folds of this Earthshaker. The basic design looks like a round, steel castle atop 8 short legs. The roof is open, so from the air, one can see the city. The walls are made of huge steel plates that are always kept in excellent repair. The city itself is a huge hill that looks as if it were torn directly from the earth. The city is built around the temple of Kaydonis, in the dead centre of the city. On the starboard and port sides of the Earthshaker can be found docking bays for the Snartan Trireme class assault ships and Battlepods. Dorfin IV commands this Earthshaker with an iron will, as Proboscidameon is the symbol of Snarta's power and glory.



Population: 100,000 (Not counting the approx. 1.4 million slaves/worker gnomes)

Military: 10 Greater Phalanxes, Infantry, 5 Greater Phalanxes, Mech. Infantry,2 Trireme-Class Assault ships, 1 Sky-Blimp

Description: The Earthshaker Kleomedies is best described as a huge crate on treads; the perfect symbol of function over form. Kleomedies is designed to be a raw materials factory, the sides and top of the Earthshaker have huge cranes to lift stone, iron, and other materials into the giant bay doors, and into the refinery/smelter. The Snartan's city is found on the upper two decks of the Earthshaker. On the port side of the Earthshaker is the command tower, much like that of an aircraft carrier. From here, the command staff controls all the smaller Earthshakers that help with the digging. Warmaster Khyron is assigned to command this Earthshaker, a task he loathes. Khyron indulges in making his slaves suffer, mostly out of his anger, partially because he likes to. Many of Khyron's direct subordinates think that he may be going insane, but never mention that fact any louder than whispers.



Population: 200,000

Military: 20 Greater Phalanxes, Infantry, 30 Trireme-Class Assault Ships, 30 Aegos-Class Assault Ships, 20 Colossus-Class Walkers, 25 Sky-Blimps

Description: Phyrigion is Warmaster Breetonis pride and joy, and symbolises his affination with big guns. Phyrigion is shaped like a futuristic submarine, with 2 tarantula-like legs mounted to each side for movement. The front of the Phrygion is mounted with a huge steam and fire cannon, designed solely for anti-Earthshaker battles. The sides and top of Phyrigion bristle with hundreds of smaller cannon, ports for the Assault Ships and Sky-Blimps. Breetonis hates the concept of Battlepods, that is why Phyrigion is not equipped for them. Breetonis prefers to use his assault class ships, walkers and guns on even the smallest of foes, where they are completely ineffective. However, the mere presence of Phyrigion in the southern patrol areas makes the Vulcanian States wary.


Population: 150,000

Military: 40 Greater Phalanxes, Mech. Infantry, 15 Trireme-Class Assault Ships, 5 Colossus-Class Walkers, 10 Sky-Blimps

Description: Quelquarun is one of the smaller Earthshakers, and is designed to be one of the fastest. The Earthshaker looks like a huge World War 1 era tank with the top cut off. Inside the tank can be found the city, designed very closely to Snartopolis' layout. The Earthshaker's treads are almost completely all-terrain, which helps on the hilly western fronts. Warmaster Azonia personally chose to eliminate male clones from her Earthshaker, believing that female clones were inherently superior. Warmaster Millia, Azonia's protégé, has also decreed this for her recently built Earthshaker, Dectis. Azonia is one of the few Warmasters who can get along with Khyron, though she generally dislikes his style.