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Epic Athletic Special Moves

by tjedge1

Epic Athletic Special Moves. That does it for Athletic moves. I'll get started on the Focus next. There are some really crazy ones and the Mystic Abilities that are in the Rules Cyclopaedia are included in this section as well. It might be this weekend before I post any Focus moves though. There are something like around 80 of them and I need to organise them first.

Name: Barrel Roll Kick
Prerequisites: Athletics 5, Kick 4
Manoeuvre Cost: 5 Any Style
Usage Cost: 3 Chi
To Hit: -2
Damage Bonus: +5
Round Movement: +25'
Description: In a visually incredible manoeuvre, the fighter spins forward off the ground in a nearly horizontal, parallel position, and lashes out with a kick.
System: This is an aerial manoeuvre that can be used to dodge projectiles, with a +2 to the Dexterity roll.

Name: Flying Punch
Prerequisites: Athletics 4, Focus 3, Punch 2, Jump
Manoeuvre Cost: 5 Any Style
Usage Cost: 2 Chi
To Hit: -2
Damage Bonus: +2
Round Movement: +25'
Description: This move takes a fighter high into the air above and past his opponent and then quickly redirects the attack so that the punch lands squarely in his opponent's back. This manoeuvre is considered highly dishonourable. The degree of aerial control practitioners exhibit while performing this manoeuvre lead some to believe that the practitioner is actually flying up and past his opponent be fore swooping back down with an outstretched fist.
System: To execute this move, the fighter must actually move 10' past his opponent and move back to the opponent's 5' space as he arcs back downwards to hit his opponent from behind. This attack is considered an aerial manoeuvre, and halves the amount of damage absorbed by blocks. For example, if a fighter who is blocking gets hit by a Flying Punch, his absorption would normally be determined by his Block Level of 4 (8). But because the Flying Punch is a sucker shot, the fighter's absorption is halved. Fighters lose a honour each time the Flying Punch is used. Alternately, the attack can be done straight forward without the loss of Honour, but the fighter also loses the advantage of halving her opponent's absorption. The attacker ends his movement in the hex behind or in front of his opponent, depending on how the manoeuvre was used.

Name: Beast Roll
Prerequisites: Athletics 5, Rolling Attack, Vertical Rolling Attack
Manoeuvre Cost: 4 Any Style
Usage Cost: 2 Chi
To Hit: +0
Damage Bonus: +3
Round Movement: -10'/+10'
Description: Superhuman. Few individuals have deciphered exactly how this gravity-defying move is accomplished. The fighter begins by springing backward into several aerial backflips, then rolls back forward in a series of somersaulting forward flips to ram his opponent.
System: The Beast Roll is an aerial manoeuvre that can be used like a Jump to dodge projectiles. The fighter begins by travelling in a straight line backward using the -10' movement modifier. This backward roll can be used to attack an opponent. The fighter then reverses direction along the same straight line to attack a second opponent. The fighter caroms off the second opponent, ending up 10' away in the direction from which he came. For both attacks, the fighter must move into the opponent's 5' space.