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Epic Block Special Moves

by tjedge1

Name: San He
Prerequisites: Block 3, Focus 2
Manoeuvre Cost: 5 Any Style
Usage Cost: 2 Chi
To Hit: See Below
Damage Bonus: See Below
Round Movement: See Below
Description: Some styles teach practitioners the ability to root their bodies to the ground using their internal Chi energy. This same energy can be spread out across the surface of the body, causing all the muscles to tighten. This rigid, immovable stance is part of the San He form of Kung Fu. Other styles refer to it by different names. When a fighter assumes this stance, his body becomes like a single, solid piece of iron immovable and resistant to all attacks.
System: When executing San He, the character doubles his Block skill for his absorbing total. For example, a character with a Block Technique of 4 would absorb 8 points of damage the turn he uses San He. In addition, the fighter cannot be knocked down except by a Grab Manoeuvre, nor can he be knocked back out of his space. The San He stance roots the fighter to the ground, and even special powers like Dragon Breath or the Dragon Punch will not knock the character back or down. Against truly massive moving objects, like charging bulls, the Dungeon Master can have the fighter roll Strength + Block to stand his ground. The bigger the object, the higher the penalty the fighter receives on his roll (a wagon might be -4, a small dragon might be -7).

Name: Deflecting Punch
Prerequisites: Block 3, Punch 1, Punch Defence
Cost: 1 Chi
To Hit: +2
Damage Bonus: +0
Round Movement: None
Description: Wing Chun Kung Fu is famous for quick counter punches that deflect an opponent's punch at the same time the fighter is himself attacking. When the martial artist sees his opponent punching, he counters with his own punch, deflecting his opponent's punch with his arm as his fist continues on to strike his opponent.
System: The opponent rolls damage for his punch unless he misses. The fighter gets his full Block absorption against the opponent's damage. The blocking portion of this move is only useful against a punch. If the fighter's opponent uses any other attack, the fighter gets no blocking absorption (although he can still land his counterpunch). Once the opponent has dealt damage or misses, the fighter immediately gets to land his counterpunch unless he was knocked back or knocked down by his opponent's manoeuvre.

Name: Energy Reflection
Prerequisites: Block 4, Focus 4, Missile Reflection
Cost: 2 Chi
To Hit: See Below
Damage Bonus: See Below
Round Movement: None
Description: Once a fighter has mastered the art of catching and returning physical objects, he can begin to use the same physical coordination to catch and reflect energy or magic attacks. This phenomenal manoeuvre also requires the fighter to have a high degree of control over his own Chi. He must instantly summon the correct energy into his hands to "catch" energy projected at him and reflect it away.
System: This manoeuvre is similar to Missile Reflection, except that the fighter can reflect any kind of energy projectile, such as a magic missile, fireball or lightning bolt. The fighter must spend one point of his own Chi for each energy projectile reflected and must succeed on a Wisdom roll to gauge and reflect the energy pattern of the projectile. If the projectile is redirected at another victim, it will inflict the same amount of damage it would have inflicted upon the fighter who reflected it.