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by phoneixmcl

Before starting on the reviews I am posting info on Edgewater. (Dungeon 41 Woodruff/ Beach "A Way With Words" TSR)


Halfway between the Melinir and the East Drake River's delta to the Black Swamps lies the small town of Edgewater. Peaceful and quiet the town is centred around its most distinguishing feature, a library. This library was built by an order of monks known as the Kohlorian Brotherhood Among Bards and scholars that seek the tomes held within the libraries studies Harfur Glumtoes, a gnomish archaeologist. About two miles north west of Edgewater lies Rhiannon the bards playhouse. Rhiannon lives in a circular house build around a large oak. Rhiannons taste for the dramatic have left her songs depressing and unpopular with critics and the citizens of Thunder Rift.

Please note I will not be rating any of these reviews because I strongly believe that an adventure is only as good as the players and DM make it. The following info will contain spoils out of need to give DMs an idea before they purchase the product. If these reviews need more info please tell me. I will keep this format so that fans can know what they need to before buying or breaking that seal on almost 20 year old stuff.

Dungeons & Dragons: Sword and Shield by John Terra

Levels 1-3 for 1-4 characters

What you get; adventure module, battlemap of the Black Knight's Keep and card stock miniatures of mounted knights.

Synopsis: The Black Knight kidnaps two members of your village. You go undercover as a Knight or the companion to a Knight (Sir Tristram). Between jousting matches (which you actually take part in) you must search the castle for your kidnapped villagers. It is possible to get caught, join the Black Knight or defeat the Black Knight and win the villagers back. This adventure keeps the PCs on their toes with lots of action than just dungeon crawl. Expected play time 4 - 6 hours.

Notable Thunder Rift locations: Avenal, the keep of the Black Knight.

Notable TR past info: More history on the Wizard-Warrior war. (Assassin-fighters)

Notable NPCs: Argyl, the Black Knight and his butler Revit and his Cleric Perin.
Six knights of Thunder Rift. Sir Tristram.

Notable Monsters: None